Blurp vs Vomit

Jun 27, 2017

In the past, as in before surgery I would have said a blurp was a hiccup/burp with a hint of acid reflux. NOW I define it as a throwing up. Yes, Blurp is the new 1.4-syllable word for post operative vomitting.

Remember the old days when you'd get the cold sweats, the excess saliva and that oh-so-subtle urge to RUN to the bathroom only to spend the next 5 minutes with your head in the toilet? Well that can still happen post op as I have experienced when the whole house was sick with a bug for a couple of days.


The new vomit is sudden, unexpected and you're lucky to grab a plate, a garbage can, a napkin or cup before you Blurp and its over.

Yeah, that's it. Blurp. No dry heaves, no sweat, no running... its just 'over and done with' before you even know its coming. For me I've discovered this new body function is the result of eating something my new tummy, or more specifically, my still healing staple line isn't ready to handle.

Last night it was the 49 grams of super moist chicken breast, it was good, really good... Blurp. Although I did heave a bit with that one. My tummy isn't ready for 'whole chicken' meat yet.

On the upside, it was a quick and easy guide to whether or not I'd chewed my food well.

WARNING: Blurping in the livingroom in front of family or company can be very disconcerting... for everyone. Just sayin'!




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