5 yrs...

Oct 11, 2011

WOW cant believe its been over 5 years already. well i  lost 120 lbs in 10 mths. i stopped losing for a few months then started to gain. i have now regained almost half the weight i lost back. i in no way blame the surgery for the regain, its my own fault because i went back to old habits, started eating junk, over eating and honestly couldnt tell you the last time i exercised. i know you have it in mind to do the right things but let me tell you its not easy, so if you get off track and believe me you will, dont stop just go back to what your suppost to do. i got off track and didnt go back to basics i stayed and still am off track.  if i had known what i know now i think i would have had the ds and have been considering having it over the rny iv already had. so yeah very scarey stuff to think about. so make sure you do what you thinks best for you and how your body is. good luck and god bless...

4 yrs post op :(

Sep 12, 2010

I dont come here very often anymore but thought since Tuesday 9/14 will be my 4th yr anniversary from having rny that I would come and see how everyones doing. I dont see much of the people that use to be on here when I was so maybe I can share my story with the newbies... 4 yrs ago I had rny weighing in at 300 lbs the day of my consultaion 289 day of surgery the weight just feel off of me for 8 or 10 mths I lost a total of 120 lbs. Wow was I happy, I felt the best I had felt in many yrs. Well the weightloss stopped then I gradually started regaining it back so here I am today 4 yrs later weighing around 250 lbs. It really makes me sick to think I done this to myself after all Iv been through. Yes the surgery worked well but the longer I went the more I could eat the more I wanted. Was it worth it not really, Now Iv gained all but 50 lbs back and I have to live the rest of my life fat and still have to tell doctors, hospitals and such that I had gastric bypass. its very embarressing for them to see me this big and to know I had surgery to help me yet Im still fat. I cant take medication that I need , Im always weak and feel bad all the time. I just wanted to tell my story so that if your considering having this surgery and you think your never going to gain it back and that you can just eat what you want, well you cant or you will gain it back. I know now that if I had kept up the work such as eating right, exercising and all I would have never have regained this weight. But I didnt and here I am praying everyday that god give me the strength to lose it again or atleast enough to where I can live a normal life.


Apr 13, 2009


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DICLOFENAC-Fenac, Voltaren, Rapide, Cataflam

ETODOLAC-Lodine, Ultradol



FLURBIPROFIN-Ansaid, Froben, Apo-Flurbiprofen

IBUPROFEN-Motrin, Advil, Nuprin, Excedrin IB, Midol, Pamprin

INDOMETHACIN- Indocin, Apo-Indomethacin, Arthrexin, Indochron, Indocid, Novo-Methacin

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NAPROXEN-Naprosyn, Anaprox, Aleve, Apo-Proxen, Naxen, Novo-Naprox, Nu-Naprox



PIROXICAM-Feldene, Apo-Piroxicam, Novo-Pirocam

SULDINAC-Clinitrol, Aclin, Apo-Sulin, Novo-Sundac, Saldac




Alka-Seltzer, Peptobismol, Immodium Extra Strength, Kaopectate






TYLENOL IN ANY FORM, Anacin 3, Panadol


Tylenol w/ Codeine, Vicodin, Lortab, Lorcet, Percocet, Darvocet, Fioricet, Oxycontin, Arthrotec, Fentanyl Patch



ERGOTAMINE-Ergostat, Ergomar




CARISOPRODOL-Soma, Soridol, Rela, Soprodol







Robitussin CF (Sugar Free) Tylenol Cold Products



DOCUSATE SODIUM-Colace, Peri Colace

DIARRHEA-Immodium (regular strength only)



Fed up...

Feb 06, 2009

It has been awhile,,, like 5 monthes since i posted. And all I can saw is I suck so bad at this. I have gained more a toal of around 50 lbs. I dont know what to do, AllI wan todo is eat. God why couldnt I have been one that made it to goal and stayed there? Well I never did make it to goal in the first place. I wet and saw my surgeon a couple weeksago and shes sendin me for tests to see whats going on nd wh I am gain. I would have had te done before now, but its been ough the past 3 weeks the kid have been off school for snow and ice. So Im waiting until they get back and things get back to normal before I go do them. I kinda hope theres somehing wrong so maybe I can get back to losing. But then again Im fed up. I dont know what to do with this wls anymore. Well wish me luck.....

2 yrs post op RNY...

Sep 23, 2008

Well I let it slip right by me but September 14,2008 was my two yr mark and I have now regained 35 lbs. I really dont know what Im going to do at this point.

1 year out!!!!

Oct 16, 2007

Sept 2007

Well I posted a few weeks ago about me being 1 year post op, but it didnt save it. Im not sure why. But anyways Im one year out and I have lost around 120 give or take a few , depends on what day it is I guess. LOL.. But I havent lost any in the past 3 or 4 months, and its really starting to piss me off. I feel like Im never going to lose another pound. Which I have been having alot of marrital problems, and I havent been eating right or getting in enough protein,water or exercise. So Im sure thats the reason. I eat way to much and to much bad things. I have been making very poor choices. I really need to get back on track and get to losing again. I want to lose atleast another 30 - 35 lbs. That would put me at 150 lbs. I really wanted to be at 125. But Id be happy at 150. Dont get me wrong now, I am thriled that I weigh 180 - 185. But Iv come this far I have to get to atleast 150 to be satisfied with myself. Well Im in a hurry right now.  I have to go see my surgeon in a few days and I'll try to update then. Thanks for reading....

March 22,1008

Well its been a while since Iv updated. I guess because I have been so depressed I have gained around 15 lbs I eat junk everyday. Its so hard. Dont get me wrong I do believe in wls but you really have to change everything in your life to do it right. The sugery will help you lose it. But its just like a diet for the rest of your life. Im sure we can cheat alittle, but you can never go back to bad habbits or you will gain. Yeah I know 15 lbs isnt a whole lot when Iv lost 120. But I feel like Iv failed. Im really gonna have to buckel down and stop these bad habits or Ill be right back where I started from.. I eat about half of what I did before wls, but I also eat alot more than I should, my biggest problem is junk. I know that, But its like junk sets better in my pouch. I can eat junk all day but if I eat right and eat a real meal I cant eat very much. But its like I crave junk all the time. Thats all I ever want. I really cant wait for warm weather so maybe I can get out and do more and hopefully lose some weight. I was feeling so good, and now I just feel awful. Well if anyone has any encouraging words please send them my way. Thanks for listening...Bye...

June 16,2008
Where to begin? Well I have gained around 20lbs I feel like Iv never had wls I stay hungry all the time I cant be satisfied. I dont know whats wrong, if its me or is my stomach mest up or what? Im gonna call my surgeon tomorrow, enough is enough.


Sep 14, 2006

    "MY GOALS"
Have wls in September 2006 "MADE MY GOAL"
Pre-op weight(300 lbs) "I WEIGHED THIS YUCK"
Weight day of surgery(289) "I LOST 11 LBS"
6months post-op (199)"ALMOST HIT GOAL @204 LBS"
One year Post-op(150)

     "What me and my kids want me to do after weightloss"

1. "Get healthy"!! "NOT SURE YET"

2. Run,Play,Jump on the trampoline,jump rope, swing, ride bikes, "DONE ALL OF THIS BY 6 MTHS OUT"
Go to amousement parks and ride all the rides and it not hurt,
jump off the diving board at the local pool,All with my kids.

3. Wear single digit clothes.

4. My 11 yr old Chelsey told me she wants me to wear pretty clothes
that she picks out.(Like cami's and things)

5. Be at my goal weight of 150 lbs or less by my 32nd b-day,
Which is Jan 20, 2008

                        "MY WEIGHTLOSS UPDATES"







9/14/06 day of wls



9/28/06 2 wks out



10/05/06 3 wks out



10/12/06 4 wks out



11/02/06 7 wks out



12/14/06 3 mth out



01/14/07 4 mths out 220 40.2 
02/14/07 5 mths out 210 38.4
03/14/07 6 mths out  204 37.3
 09/14/07 1 yr out  180  32.9
 03/14/2008 18 mths out 10 lbs gain!!!!  190  35.9

06/16/2008 202 total of 22 lbs gained

March 10,2006 

Well I have been looking into WLS for about a year now and I finally came across this site about a week ago, I found a Dr. about 2 hours away that will take my insurance for this surgery, So I emailed them with my info letting them know that I am interested.














A few days later (which was yesterday03-09-06) I got a call from Kim @ Dr.Nease's office in Huntington WV. She told me a few things about the surgery and that I have to go to a siminar before the Dr. will see me, and that there is one next week in Ashland. I told her that Id be there. I asked her if it would be hard to get approved through my insurance, she said that there shouldnt be any problem since my BMI is so high, So I asked her about how long it should be before I would get to have the surgery and she said about 2 months.

I am at my highest weight of 288 lbs I didnt start gaining weight until I started having kids 12 yrs ago. Since then I have more than doubled my weight. I would love to be back where I use to be at 125 lbs.But anything under 200 lbs will be ok. Its hard for me to accept that I weigh this much cause I had never had a weight problem before, And I dont feel as big as I am, I still feel in my mind like Im small and then I look in the mirror and say OMG what have I done to myself? I have alot of pain in my feet,legs and back and find it hard to breath at times.

I know it will be hard but this is something that I have to do not only for myself but my 3 kids. I know that I can do this just take it day by day and pray that the lord will help me. I am so excited I cant wait to be on the losing side.


March 13,2006

Hey all, Well I got my papers today from the Doctors office. I am so excited, and also scared, I want this surgery so bad, But then again Im terrified of not waking up or have a bunch of complications from it. Im doing it regardless. But that dont keep me from being scared. I have to lose weight or else Im gonna to die anyways, But I cant stand the thought of leaving my kids right now their so young. 12,10 and 8. My husband is a really good man, but hes not mommy and hes alot tougher on them than I am. I ll just pray that the lord helps me through this and that everything comes out for the best.Well until next time . See ya all later.



March 14,2006

Well I weighted myself today and I am at 282 lbs. I have been trying to watch what I eat since Im wanting this surgery to not fail. Just trying to get use to not eating all I want. I pray I get to have Lap Band surgery, the other surgerys scare me to much and Im a nervous person anyways."Later"

March 15,2006

Today I went and got my medical history from my pcp and I dont recall this but as I was looking through my records I saw that in 2004 I had weighted 302. I cant remember weighing that much but I guess I did. So I guess 302 would be my highest weight.Tomarrow is the siminar and I cant deside if I want to go through with this. I am scared of failing or dieing or having major problems. I feel like I should be thankful for who I am and not worry about me weight, but then again I also think that Im going to get bigger and die from being fat. I just wish god would give me a sign that Im doing the right thing.Please pray for me to do the right thing and that everything will be fine. Maybe I need an angel to help me through this.


March 16,2006

Today I went to the siminar, Dr. Nease was wonderful, he tells you just how it is and hes really funny. I think hes a very smart man - surgeon. Well I did find out that my insurance wont pay for band surgery. So I guess Ill be having Lap - RNY. Im scared but this is something that I have to do. I really wanted the band cause its so much safer, but I guess if I want it paid for then I have no choice. I cant wait to get the surgery over with and be on the losing side.


March 23,2006

Well I cant make my mind up if Im going to have the surgery or not. I have been reading on the memorial page and it scares the crap out of me. I have 3 small children that I dont want to leave. I think Im going to try harder to lose the weight before I go so drastic. Ill keep updating from time to time to let everyone know whats going on.If anyone has anything to help ease my mind please email me. I need some good stories.

March 31,2006

Well its been awhile, I still havent made my mind up yet. I know I want the surgery, But I am afraid of failing. Or what if things go wrong? I have been very depressed lately, and have been gaining more weight, I just wish god would point me in the right direction. I would have the Band in min- but my insurance wont pay for it.So I dont know what to do. Im about to lose my mind over this. Im not good at making big decisions on my own and everyone I ask if they think I should do it they say thats a decision you have to make for yourself. Its like I want someone to make me do it,LOL. How does people go through with it? I wonder if everyone has this problem?

"Being defeated is only a temporary condition; giving up is what makes it permanent."
-- Marilyn vos Savant, Author and Advice Columnist

April 08,2006

Well I dont have alot to put on here about the surgery. I havent been doing anything for the surgery except reading on this site since I found out that I probebly wont get to have the band. But I have made up my mind that if I cant find a doctor that does the band for my insurance co , then Im going to have the RNY because I have to do something, I just keep gaining weight. I guess its where Im so depressed over not having the band. I keep telling myself that if I died from the surgery than it was my time anyways, But the thought of leaving my kids tares me into. Im going to try to find out something this week and see what I have to do next. Until next time c-ya.

April 18,2006

I finally got ahold of Robin @ Dr.Velcu's office, Shes the one you have to talk to about weightloss surgery. She was so nice and gave me alot of info, The best thing is that she told me that they do accept medicaid for the band surgery. The only problem now is that Im thinking about going ahead with the RNY, LOL . I know people thinks Im probley crazy, but I just cant deside which one I want. I really want RNY, But the band is so much safer, but RNY will help me lose more weight and do it faster. And I need to lose atleast 150 lbs and Ill still be overweight for my height of 5'1 or somewhere around there. And Im affraid that I cant do that with the band. Which I also think that if I did die from this that then it must be my time. God I am so confused. But anyways their sending me some papers to fill out and send back to them. Then I give them a few days to get them and call them for an appointment. So maybe Ill get this thing going and get on to losing some weight. Gosh it would be wonderful to weigh 150 lbs or less. Well I guess this is it for now. Bye all.

April 24,2006

A little update nothing much, I got my papers and filled them out and sent them back in. So now I have to wait a few days for them to get them and call for an appointment. Im still trying to deside which surgery to have. This is such a hard choice for me. Well until next time c-ya.

April 25,2006

Today I made me an appointment to talk to the lady @DR.Velcues office about having surgery. She asked which surgery I wanted and I told her that I wasnt for sure. So she said that she would go over both band and rny with me. Im not sure how Ill fill in a few days, but as of right now I think Ill go ahead and have the band. And just do my very best to make it work. I have heard that it doesnt work for alot of people. But I have also heard some really good success stories to. Since I have 3 kids and am terrified of leaving them, I think the band would be best for me. Who knows, it may be wonderful for me. I just pray I can lose enough weight to be healthy. Of course Id love to be skinny. But as long as Im healthy is really all that matters right now. Im getting so excited again, I cant wait to have this surgery done and be on the losing side. If anyone reads my story and believes in god please pray for me that Ill be a weightloss success. Well later all.


I had an appointment for today with Dr. Velcus office, but they called yesterday and changed it until May15, So I guess I have to wait. Theres nothing much going on here, just me still fat and trying to deside what wls I want to have. Im such a screwd up person. I cant deside on anything anymore, I feel like Im stupied or something, like I cant make my own decisions anymore. Which I have been stressed out , me and my husband havent been getting along and I am just so fed up with life completly. I dont know what to do anymore. Im ready to give up. Iv also been having light panic attacks again. I think its from so much stress. I dont know if my meds arent working well or what. Oh well enough of my crappy life. Ill update later.



OMG.... I am so excited. I just got back from Dr.Velcus office and I had my consultation and they are getting all my appointments and going to call me in a few days with them. Oh and by the way Im having LapBand surgery. Dr. Velcu said that I need to lose some weight before I have the surgery 10-30 lbs. Thats not to bad. I think I can do that. Also I weighted in today at 300 lbs even!! Makes me so sad that I have gained again. My scales at home says 295 lbs so their scales is about 5lbs higher than mine. She said that I have to go for the sleep study,heart test,phyc- eval bloodwork,and see the dietition,
and that I have to get my records from my pcp, which I have already. They said that it might be a while since they already have a waiting list. I asked if I maybe would have it in July and they said probebly not. I was hoping to have it while the kids where out of school for the summer. Well Ill update later when I get some new info.


Today I got a call from Robin at Dr.Velcus office and they have all of my testing appointments made the last one is on June 26,2006. So if everything goes right they should ask my insurance for approval and then schedual me.OMG this just might happen. But it seems so far away. Im the type of person that when I want something, I want it now not 2 or 3 months later. But I guess this is something that takes time and Ill have to be calm and take it day by day. I think Im going to join a gym next week my surgeon said that she wasts proof of me going atleast 1 or 2 times a week before surgery. Its kinda hard when you dont feel like doing anything. But I have to do this so that I can get myself ready for the surgery and the way my life is going to change after wls. I just hope and prey that I can do this , and that I dont fail at it. But I know I can and I will , I have to , I cant stand being this fat . Im miserable. I didnt know I was so ugly until the other day, I got my daughter to take a before pic of me. "YUCK" I should be ashamed that Iv let myself go like I have. I look so nasty. And what kills me the most is that youll think you look good in something and then you see it in a pic and your like oh no that looks awful. LOL.. Oh well maybe Ill have this wls and be pretty again. I think I was pretty before I gained it so maybe Ill look alittle bit like I use to . I sure hope so. Well Later.


I went to the sleep app doctor Friday and their going to call me with an appointment for the sleep study. I dread that. I hate staying away from home, and my step dad had the sleep study done on him about a month ago, and he said that you cant sleep for all the wires and things hooked to you. Im sure thats going to be fun. Also while I was there I met 2 ladies thats having the band and we where talking about things that we're having to do and how the band works and stuff. They also have the same surgeon as me,and They said that they know alot of people thats had the band and thats lost lots of weight and that they know some people thats used the surgeon that we're using and that they've heard that shes great. So Im happy about that cause I hadnt heard that much about Dr.Velcu. Oh and I bought me some crystal light and OMG I love it. It is wonderful. I thought it would be nasty where its sugar free. But I love it so I dont think its going to be to hard to stop drinking pop, which Im not a real big pop drinker anyways. But it makes it easier when you have something to drink that you like real well. Well Ill update later on in the week, I have to go to the dietition Wednesday so Ill see how that goes. """ LATER"""

June 01,2006

Well its June now and getting hotter everyday here in eastern Ky. I love summer just being warmer outside makes me feel better. I went yesterday to the dietition and she went over everything with me and asked me alot of questions and gave me all my papers to help me start dieting. I just cant wait to have this surgery. I just want to be normal again. I feel like I dont belong in this ugly, fat, misrable body. I dont mind to be alittle over weight, but this is sickining. I just hope everthing goes good and I dont fail at this. God knows I want to lose weight more than anything. I sure am going to fight with everything in me to lose down to atleast 150 lbs. So Ill weigh around 150 lbs. I think Ill feel awhole lot better. Well I have to go blow dry my hair I just got out of the tub.C-ya.

June 16,2006

Hey all, who reads my journey, I know its not to interesting, but I hope that it will be when I have the band. Man this has been the longest time waiting to have all these tests done. I wish I was already banded and on the losing side. I have been trying very hard to change my life style and eating habits, it is so hard, there have been so many bdays here lately and OMG how I love cake and ice cream. But out of six bdays Iv only had 2 pieces of cake and no ice cream. So I think thats pretty good. Well Im going to Virginia beach next week on vacation and I cant wait. My kids said mom dont forget that you have to write down everything you eat even while we're on vacation. I said no Im not, Im on vacation from my diet plan to,LOL. I said I am going to pig out while Im gone. And when we get back. Ill be back to dieting again , all of my tests are the week after I get back, so I cant wait to get those over with. Well all except the sleep study, Its not untill July 17th, unless they get a cancellation, then their going to try and get me in. If I can get the sleep study sooner than Ill be able to try and get the insurance approved. So as soon as thats all done and hopefully the insurance will approve me, then Ill get on the waiting list. So pray for me to hurry up and get on with this and for a smooth recovery. Well thats all for now.Bye....

June 30,2006

Well call my stuppied, But I didnt go to my appointments. I thought I had to be put to sleep for one of the tests, so I didnt go . So I called the docs office and they told me I didnt have to do the test asleep that it was just an xray, so now their getting me rescheduald. I feel so dumb for not going. I wish I would have went. Which I had to get up at 6 am and get ready, get the kids ready, take them to my sister, and then drive an hr. And me nor my kids are morning people. Anyways Im getting a new date for testing, and I cant wait I am so excited. I have been thinking about rny again..LOL.. Not sure. Oh well. I had a great time on vacation at Virginia Beach. Ill have to put some pics on here when I get time . Well untill next time see ya later..


July 8,2006

They called me with an opening and I went Thursday night and had my sleep study. Man that sucked. I only slept like 3 or 4 hours. Know wonder people has sleep apnea when they leave them places, who could sleep normal with all those wires hooked to them. I did think what if this thing caught on fire.lol But anyways atleast thats over with. So now if I would have went to all my other appointments Id be done. But Im so dumb, Im having to reschedual them. So as soon as I get them all done Ill be waiting for approval from my insurance.I dont see how they could turn me down. Im extreamly obese. Theres a lady I know that had the band last week and shes done great. I wish her luck. and I also have a friend thats getting ready to have rny she said it should be the 20th or 25th shes not for sure yet. So good Luck Katrina. We're going to go to our support meeting on the 19th. I cant wait for that. Iv never been to one. So that will be alot of fun. Meeting people thats had wls. I went to a siminar back in March, But with a differant surgeon and no one told their stories. So I cant wait for that. Im so excited to be getting closer to having the band , I cant wait to lose weight..lol..So I guess Ill update later. C-ya all...

July 10,2006

OMG... I am so excited. I just got off the phone with Robin @ Dr.Velcus office and she has my appointments again for August 7th... I cant wait to get this over with. She said if everything goes right and I dont have to have anymore testing then I should get to have my band mid to late August. Im all smiles :)))) If you could only see me now.... Oh and I talked to Missy a while ago, She had her band last Wednesday and shes doing great , to just hear someone that I know thats had the band say such good things about it makes me want it even more. My time will come and I will be so thankful to have such a tool to help me get back to myself again. To just think that "HOPEFULLY" this time next year Ill be a whole lot smaller than what I am now, makes me almost cry. Its my dream to be healthy and looking and feeling good about myself again. Thank you lord for giving me this chance.. Gosh Im so happy right now.. Talk to ya later... Bye..

August 4,2006

I went Wednesday to my sleep studie Dr. with the results from my test, and I do have sleep apnea. So now I have to go and spend another night and sleep with the cpap machine on me. And I have to do this before I can have my surgery. And the date they gave me is Sept 11. well as if thats not over a month away but Sept 11th. No thanks!!! So Im going to try my best to get in sooner. They usually call with a cancellation so hopefully I wont have to wait that long. Oh and most important..... I have changed my surgery type to RNY. I have been reading alot about it and I think it would be best for me. I am still a little scared of it , But I feel that if its my time then its my time and I cant take being this big anymore. I want to lose the weight fast and I need control over sweets. So please pray that everything goes good for me. I cant wait to have this wls and start losing this weight. I think the hardest thing will be the 2 weeks liquid diet. Oh well we'll see. I go Monday for the rest of my tests so Ill have them done and maybe things will get moving faster. Ill update when I get some more info. Later All...


August 8,2006

I had a very busy day yesterday, I went and had the upper GI , ultra sound,blood work,cardiac clearance test,phyc eval, and then lastnight Marcia from the sleep lab called and got me in for the cpap test. So I was worn out. Im not sure what will happen since I couldnt stand to sleep with the cpap machine on me. I slept for about an hour with it and woke up smothering. I tried so hard to keep it on. But I just couldnt take it anymore so she came in and took it off for me. I just hope it doesnt delay my surgery. So now Im "FINALLY" finished with all my tests unless something comes back bad. The nurse at the heart DR. said that everything looked good and the phyc said that he would ok me to have wls. So hopefully everthing else will come back good and Ill hurry up and get the surgery.

AUGUST 16,2006

I went yesterday and had the light run down me, it wasnt to bad, but they had to stick me 6 times before they could get an IV in me. Iv never had problems getting an IV, I told them they made my arms look so bad that people will think Im a drug addict or something. I just wish everything would hurry up so that maybe I can get a date, before I end up changing my mind. I went to the memorial page again"shouldnt have" and read some stories that scared me. Im back to thinking maybe I should just have the band, then I think maybe I havent tried hard enough on my own, and then Ill think crap on it Im doing rny no matter what. I so confused, However I did talk to a guy that had wls before and he said that he had went from a 58 in pants to a 36 , I cant remember if he said how long ago. Then the nurse that was taking care of me in recovery said that Dr. Velcu is a very good surgeon and that her patients never has any problems from surgery. So that was nice to find out. My heart says rny and my mind says the band. I just wish god would come to me and tell me what I should do. But I guess it doesnt work that way. Oh well, Ill update when I get some info.

August 23,2006

They called me yesterday and said that they where sending my info to the insurance to get me approved and that there shouldnt be any problem getting me approved and gave me my date and told me to start my 2 week liquid diet. Which its still a few days before I have to start it so Im gradually starting it by starting out with mushies and working my way to liquid and then 2 days before my surgery I have to do clear. Im so excited, but yet Im still scared. Im so afraid of failing. I know its going to be hard, but so worth it. So everyone just pray that I get approved and that I come through surgery and post op with no complications. Oh and that I dont fail at the 2 week liquid diet and wls all together. I need to find a hobby, something that will keep me busy so that I dont think about food. Oh and I went to the sleep study Doc today and I have to have a c pap machine. Their going to call me to see when they need to bring it to me. Well Ill update later.

September 11,2006

Here it is the Monday before my wls date and Im still not approved. I talked to Robin from my surgeons office today and she said that she called the insurance comp and they said not to postpone it to call back tomorrow and theyll have an answer. Well Im praying that means that Ill get to have it, whats meant to be will happen. So Im scared that I wont get aproved and Im scared that I will. Does that make sence? I want this surgery so very badly, but Im scared of having complications and the pain afterwords. I know when I had my hysterectomy almost a year ago it was so painful!!!
They couldnt do it lap- So Im praying that theyll be able to do my wls lap-. I sure dread the aftermath. So anyone that will please pray for me. Thanks alot Amanda.

September 12,2006

Im Approved!!!!!! I am excited and terrified at the same time. Dear Lord please look over me.


September 20,2006

Well I made it through surgery and so far so good. No complications yet. Other than I got very sick yesterday on an ensure drink. I guess my pouch isnt ready for them yet. My surgeon said to ease into things like that. Well Im in pain when Im up for to long or setting straight up like I am at the comp. Hopefully that will ease with time. I go Friday to get my drain tube out its killing me. I have already lost around 10 lbs and cant wait to lose more. Ill tell about my hospital stay later. Im hurting to much right now. Later Amanda

Septemeber 22,2006

I went to my surgeons office today and got my drain tube and staples taken out. Man I feel alot better. I still have some pain in a couple of my incisions, but I feel alot better. I cant wait to start exercising and walking alot more. My dr said that I can go ahead and start full liquids and ease a few other things in . So I came home and ate some mashed potatos and gravy and maybe a 1/2 oz of chicken breast. and it didnt bother me. Wooooohoooooo it sure felt good to get some real food in me. LOL. Oh I for got to tell about my hospital stay well there really isnt much to tell I was in surgery for about 5 hrs so far everything has went very well. Im afraid to say perfect Im afraid that something will go wrong. But so far so good. The nurses at Three Rivers Medical Center where so nice to me I couldnt have asked for any nicer, but there was a few that was very lazy. Sometimes I would call for them to come unhook me so that I could get up and walk or go pee and they never would come. The 1st 2 I had was wonderful. Oh I have lost 9 lbs in a week and about 20 since I started this journey. So its comming off pretty fast. Well Im gonna go Im getting very tierd.


September 25,2006

I am 11 days post op and have only lost 12 lbs. Which I havent lost any in the past 3 or 4 days. Whats the deal? I thought I would have lost more by now. Im not getting in my protein, since everything Iv tried seems to make me sick. I need to go get some other things to try, but Im not sure if I can stand to go shopping yet. I went Friday and rode in one of those power chairs and it about killed me. I didnt think that I was going to make it and I probebly wasnt in there more than 20 mins. Maybe Ill be able to try it again in a few days. I have been feeling alot better the past few days. I still have that one spot that wont stop hurting. I just wish that I would hurry up and heal so that I can start exercising and walking more. Well Ill update later. C- ya...


Well I have now survived 2 weeks on the loosing bench, and so far so good. Im still scared of complications or something getting stuck. And Im still not getting in all of my protein and water. Man I didnt realize how hard it would be. Im trying my best, so maybe in a couple more weeks Ill get them in. Iv now lost 15 lbs since surgery. So thats a total of 25 with my 2 weeks liquid diet. I cant wait to start losing more. My first goal is to be under 200 lbs. That would be so amazing. I havent been under 200 lbs in about 10 yrs. So that would be wonderful. I feel like Im never going to be able to eat regular food again. Iv ate a few things I shouldnt have but gosh this is the hardest thing Iv ever done in my life. I dont know how anyone can stick strickly to it. Its not like you can get anything much in so whats a bit or two going to hurt as long as it doesnt make me sick? Maybe I shouldnt be eating these things, Im afraid fail at this surgery. I pray to god that I dont. Everyone please pray that I dont. Thanks alot Amanda

October 5,2006

Today I am 3 weeks post op and I have lost 30 lbs in 33 days. Im
doing pretty good, so far Iv not had any complications. I sometimes have a hard time eating and drinking. Alot of foods make me gag. But Iv been trying my best to get in my protein and water, which is a very hard thing to do. I take my vitamins daily. I will say that this is the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. The weight has been coming off pretty steadly, but man the head hunger really gets to me. Its the hardest when someones eating something that you use to love. I guess it'll take a while to get use to this new life style, nothing tastes like it use to, but I guess thats a good thing. Iv notices that with people that had the same surgery date as me some have lost alot more than me and some havent lost as much as me and theres some thats lost about the same as me. I think Im losing average not to fast, but not to slow. As long as Im losing Ill not complain. Ill update next week after I see my surgeon on Wednesday.


OCT 18, 2006

Hey all, I know I havent updated in a while, But I havent been losing any weight in the past couple of weeks, so that is really discouraging me. I have a hard time getting in my protein I think that may be a big reason. Im not sure. All I do know is that I dont hardly eat much at all and Im not losing and that doesnt make a whole lot of sence to me. Alot of people has told me that you hit a stall 3-6 weeks post op, maybe thats it. I just wish that Id start losing again. Sometimes I hate myself for doing this to myself. I miss eating regular foods and everything makes me gag. I hate that feeling. Oh well maybe I start losing again before to long.

Oct 30,2006
I just wanted to add a little update for everyone. I am doing pretty good, I cant really eat much. But I guess thats a good thing.LOL.. I have now lost around 42 lbs I kinda go up and down a pound or two. Since surgery Iv lost around 33 lbs and it has been 6 wks and 4 days. Im averaging about 5 lbs a week. I feel like I should have lost more by now. Some people lose alot faster than others, and some slower. I think Im kinda in between, so Im satisfied. Its amazing on how much food a person can get by on. I mean I feel like I dont eat enough to survive but I feel good, Before I had wls I would get real weak and shaky if I didnt eat but now I never think about it. When I do eat I have to make myself and remind myself that I havent ate, Iv only been hungry maybe 1 or 2 times and not what Id really call hungry just started to feel like I needed something in my pouch. If everything keeps going like it has been I think I'll love having wls in about a year or so. I mean its not been that bad, Its just that I wasnt ready for what I got. At first I thought I was going to lose it. I missed food so much but its getting easier everyday, "THANK GOD". I'll update in a few days. Anyone wanting to talk to me or anything just message me. I need somemore friends on here. c ya....

NOV 14,2006
Well today has been 2 months since I had wls and I have lost a total of 50 lbs and I am so thankful. There would have been know way that I would have lost 50 lbs in 2 months without this surgery. Shoot I probably wouldnt have lost any, I probably would have gained a few. LOL.. I hate not being able to eat what I want. But I guess thats the reason I had wls, was so that it would help me controll what I was eating. Im so glad that I chose rny over the band. I just dont think that I would have lost this much with the band. Im not dogging the band or anything, beleive me I really considerd having it, I just desided that if I was going to have wls that I was going to have the one that I knew would help me lose and lose it pretty fast. So if anyone is considering have wls I defenatly recommend it. Dont get me wrong its not easy, its very hard but its getting easier everyday. I have learnt that if I really want something and I know that I cant have it, I can smell of it and it helps so much. I have been wanting to drink pop so bad. But I can take a big sniff of pepsi and almost taste it. LOL.. I know Im crazy, but if it helps then why not? Well Ill update later.


 DEC 14,2006

I am now 3 month post op and have lost 70 lbs. I am so glad that I done this. Id like to lose atleast 100 more pounds, I cant wait to be normal..


Dec 29,2006

I am 3 1/2 months post op and the past week I have started eating alot more, I feel hungry all the time. Im going to try upping my protein and water hopefully that will help. I know Iv never got in enough water or protein and my Dr has told me time after time that I have to get them up. But its so hard to do. But I guess if I dont want to fail at this than Id better kick into high gear and work harder. I also havent been exercising like I should so I need to do more of that. Iv been pretty busy from Christmas and the kids home. Hopefully Ill get back on track inthe next day or two. C ya all.













 Jan 14, 2007

Today I am 4 months post op. I have now lost around 80 lbs. Iv not been losing as much as usual, I can eat just about anything I want and thats not a good thing. lol . Im still glad that I had wls,  Even if I dont lose anymore weight 80 lbs is better than what I could have ever have done without this tool. Iv upped my protein and Im trying to exercise more, gosh its getting harder and harder everyday. Im so afraid of failing and people thinking Im awful cause I had wls and gained it allack. That would be sad for me. I pray everday that I dont gain any weight back that Iv lost so far. Itter. Bye for now....


Yesterday was my 6 months post op. I have to say Im so glad I had wls. Its amazing I have now lost 96 lbs since I started this journey and 85 lbs since surgery. On a good day I have so much energy that I cant be still. When I dont get in enough protein and dont take my meds right, I get kinda weak and feel bad. Its sometimes hard to get in everything. I have already hit a few of my goals like riding bikes,jumping on the trampoline,running,playing sports all with my kids. They are so happy that I can do so much more with them. I have went from a size 28 in jeans to a 16/18 and from a 28 in shirts to a L 18/20. I have been in a stall for almost a month, and its starting to get on my nerves. I only lost 6 lbs last month, so Im gonna have to get on track again. I can pretty much eat what ever I want to now, I have a hard time with bread and meats. But its so worth it. I would recommend rny to everyone. C YA Amanda

April 23,2007

Well I just got out of the hospital yesterday, I spent 2 nights in there ,their not for sure yet, but they think its gall stones. And that they may be caught in my bile duct, and if they are then their going to have to cut through my old stomach "the bottom" and go through it to get them out and I also will have to have my gall bladder taken out. Im going tomorrow for more testing to see maybe if theyve moved out of the bile duct. I hope so I sure dont want my stomach cut on again. When they done the c t scan they found that I also have cysts on my overies, which really pissed  me off since I just had a partial hysterectomy a year and a half ago. I guess I should have went a head with a full hysterectomy. Oh well, isnt life just grand? But everyone pray for me that they wont have to cut on my stomach again, that scares me. I dread having my gall bladder taken out, but not near as bad as if I have to have my stomach cut on. Well thanks all for listening. C ya Amanda

June 08,2007
Well I havent updated in forever, so I thought I should. I just got back yesterday from vacation. We went to Virginia beach again, that was my 3rd time going. I guess you can tell I love it or I wouldnt keep going back. LOL.It felt good going back this year 110lbs lighter..We all had a good time. It felt so good to just get away from everything. As for my weightloss... It truely sucks!!! Iv been going up and down for a while now. Iv not been eating good and I havent been exercising any other than regular things. Which is a whole lot more than I done before wls. I drank a protein drink this morning, I  think its the 1st one Iv had in atleast a month or more. I know Im so bad. I just hate drinking those nasty things. Im starting to feel like Im done losing weight. Im almost 9 mths post op. I sure hope Im not done losing. I want to lose atleast 40 more pounds. And thats still not my goal. I guess I better get in gear if I want to be at 150 lbs at my year anniversary. Id say Ill not make that goal since I only have 3 months. I really should start trying harder. I really havent tried at all to lose the weight. Iv just been letting the surgery do all the work. I guess if I dont want to be a failer and gain all the weight back Id best get to working at it. Oh well thanks everyone that reads my sorry updates. I know Im letting you all down for not trying harder. But 110 lbs in 8 mths is pretty good I have to say so myself. Well c ya all later . Bye

July 28,2007
Well its been awhile Im 10 1/2 mths out and  I have now lost 120 lbs since I started. I havent been losing that much lately, Iv been eating to much junk and not getting enough exercise in. I think its where the kids are off school for the summer and I have to cook so much. So hopefully when they get back to school everything will get

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