4 yrs post op :(

Sep 12, 2010

I dont come here very often anymore but thought since Tuesday 9/14 will be my 4th yr anniversary from having rny that I would come and see how everyones doing. I dont see much of the people that use to be on here when I was so maybe I can share my story with the newbies... 4 yrs ago I had rny weighing in at 300 lbs the day of my consultaion 289 day of surgery the weight just feel off of me for 8 or 10 mths I lost a total of 120 lbs. Wow was I happy, I felt the best I had felt in many yrs. Well the weightloss stopped then I gradually started regaining it back so here I am today 4 yrs later weighing around 250 lbs. It really makes me sick to think I done this to myself after all Iv been through. Yes the surgery worked well but the longer I went the more I could eat the more I wanted. Was it worth it not really, Now Iv gained all but 50 lbs back and I have to live the rest of my life fat and still have to tell doctors, hospitals and such that I had gastric bypass. its very embarressing for them to see me this big and to know I had surgery to help me yet Im still fat. I cant take medication that I need , Im always weak and feel bad all the time. I just wanted to tell my story so that if your considering having this surgery and you think your never going to gain it back and that you can just eat what you want, well you cant or you will gain it back. I know now that if I had kept up the work such as eating right, exercising and all I would have never have regained this weight. But I didnt and here I am praying everyday that god give me the strength to lose it again or atleast enough to where I can live a normal life.


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