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Oct 11, 2011

WOW cant believe its been over 5 years already. well i  lost 120 lbs in 10 mths. i stopped losing for a few months then started to gain. i have now regained almost half the weight i lost back. i in no way blame the surgery for the regain, its my own fault because i went back to old habits, started eating junk, over eating and honestly couldnt tell you the last time i exercised. i know you have it in mind to do the right things but let me tell you its not easy, so if you get off track and believe me you will, dont stop just go back to what your suppost to do. i got off track and didnt go back to basics i stayed and still am off track.  if i had known what i know now i think i would have had the ds and have been considering having it over the rny iv already had. so yeah very scarey stuff to think about. so make sure you do what you thinks best for you and how your body is. good luck and god bless...


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