I am 27 years old and married for almost 7 years to an active duty Coast Guardsmen. We're currently stationed in my home town in Clearwater, FL.  We're expecting our first Little Princess Novmeber 2nd!

In September of 2005 I decided my life needed to change and I needed to do something about it. So that month I flew from Kodiak, Alaska to Anchorage, Alaska to attend an Orientation and have an appointment with Dr. Todd. From that day forward I was sure this is what I wanted and needed to do. One month later I had all but two of my preop testing taken care of and I made it back to Dr. Todd's office in October. Did my other two preop testing while I was there. After I went back to Kodiak, they submitted my paperwork to Tricare and I had been approved. Surgery date was scheduled for November 21. I have to admit I was so happy it was the 21st, as it's a good luck number for me. LOL So anyways early November we flew to Anchorage and rented a apartment type hotel room on Elmendorf Air Force Base. We knew we'd be there till atleast 10 days after surgery. The day before surgery I came down with a cold, just my luck!! Night before surgery I called Dr. Todd and we rescheduled it for the 30th.

November 30th came and off to surgery for me! I was sad my Mom could not be there and it was just DH and I. I was suppose to have OPEN RNY but last minute they let me go Lap but only if the scar tissue from a previous surgery was not real bad. Ended up with the Lap and couldn't be happier about it. 8 days post op DH and I flew back to Kodiak with my new pouch. lol

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