The Glint in Their Eyes

Apr 02, 2011

Only 18 kg to go until I reach doc's goal (which sounds MUCH worse in lbs - about 35-40!) and I've been noticing some strange reactions, some good some bad. The bad is from my BIL's, both of whom are convinced I'll gain everything back (jerks!). I don't know what gives them that idea. First off, I'd rather die than regain even a couple of kilos, and second, I don't think my stomach fits enough food to lead to regain. Oh, who pays attention to those nincompoops!!

Let's get to the good. The good is the glint in men's eyes. LOL Now, I'm not young any more but I guess a woman never forgets how to interpret men's reactions to her, it's like radar, and I can see a marked change in the way men (strange men, unknown to me) look at me. Where I used to get looks of pity when men saw me - with all my hugeness plus the walking aids - I now get looks of admiration, even laced with a firting mood. I'm not available, of course. I'm happy with my DH and not interested, but it does do a soul good to sense that she is still liked.

Now for some vital info and statistics. I haven't posted for a while because I've been battling some bad MS problems, even after my hospital stay and the corticosteroids. My feet still feel numb and so does my right hand. I wake up with migraines every morning. I was quite depressed about the whole situation, which apropos, seemed to have stalled my weight loss for about a month. Then I said "no more!" and for the past few days I started taking my proteins again and clamped down on my food intake. The result: the scale started moving again and I lost 1.5 kg. I'm hoping to reach goal by vacation time this summer. Pray for me!


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