BIG mistake!

Dec 07, 2011

I was really desperate. I haven't been losing weight and I've been wondering why. I've been counting every carb since I've been on a low-carb-Atkins style kick (which I like BTW) and I was losing VERY SLOWLY.

The slow rate of loss was confusing me. What was I doing wrong?
Maybe here I should mention to my defense that I have serious sight problems. I got eye surgery to correct my severe near sightedness in October which did a good job but brought to the surface another problem I didn't know I have. I'm now very far-sighted.

Anyway, I finally (with a little help because the print is tiny) was able to read the ingredients of my sweetner - I only use it in my coffee- and did some research on it online. What a terrible mistake! My sweetner contained maltodextrin which is made from carbs!! It also can purpotedly cause cancer.

I threw it out. I'd rather not drink coffee than use that stuff!

I'm now starting over. Minus the coffee. Pray for me that I'll do it right this time.


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