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"Dr. Skrekas is a fine surgeon specializing in Bariatric Surgery and especially in VSG or "The Sleeve". My first impression was excellent. He struck me as extremely knowledgeable in his field and I knew almost immediately that if I ever decided to undergo WLS he would be the one that I would want to perform it on me. Although I know other fine surgeons that perform the same procedure in the Athens area, the fact that dr. Skrekas specializes in this type of surgery was the deciding factor for me. His staff is friendly and well-mannered, however, they are reticent about giving information or advice. I disliked one of his surgical assistants who kept trying for a long time to find a vein for the anesthesia, resulting in great pain for me. When I suggested that he put me out or give me pain medicine before continuing, he threatened to stop the operation right then and there. The truth is, I have very deeply seated veins and I saw how hard the team was struggling to find one, but the pain I was feeling did not allow me to be too forgiving at the time. The only trait I disliked about dr. Skrekas himself, is that he is quite strict in having patients follow his directions exactly. Not a major fault since his goal is to get the patient healed as well as possible but his manner could stand to become a little less abrupt. Dr. Skrekas gave me explicit directions in writing to follow post-op and has a structured program of exams and visits I have to go through post-op and for a year thereafter. He was very open about the risks of surgery pre-op, without being overly discouraging. I appreciated his candid manner and the opportunity he gave me to discuss my own concerns with him. Overall, I would rate him an excellent choice for Bariatric Surgery. In my opinion, although a good bedside manner is highly desirable in a surgeon, his surgical competence is what counts the most in the end. After all, your life may depend on the surgeon's skill! "
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