I'm back......new surgery date June 17th =)

Apr 27, 2015

Hello friends,

Well, I had to do a lot of work to finally find insurance coverage for the bypass but I have done it and have a date, JUNE 17th. I would love some support in getting prepared for living a new life. I am trying to prepare mentally and physically but am starting to get afraid and more anxious. Any advice?




Off track or side tracked?

Aug 14, 2011


So lots of changes since my last post. My surgery was denied by Kaiser and it took all I had in me to write an awesome appeal letter. Well, the appeal was denied because I guess I never had bariatric coverage, go figure! Now, moving on to today, I have moved my family to Tijuana, Mexico in June. We have made progress and so far we have our own apartment, a vehicle and some furniture. Oh, I forgot to tell you that my mother who has major mental health issues also has Alzheimer's and moved with us. Yes, talk about stress! So I am busy looking for work as is my husband but there isn't anything. The weather is so beautiful, Mostly 72-76 degrees out and sunny. We have our own palm tree out of our window, too cool. This is a big change from rainy Oregon where I have spent the last 40 years. I am really struggling to find a gym or a pool to work out. I found one in San Diego but the early morning hours make it so hard when you have to add in border crossing time, some times 45 min or even 3 hours. I am making all of our food from scratch and we are eating very healthy. The good news is that I am maintaining and I think it is time to start journaling my food intake and get to the pool at least once a week. I tried to attend a TOPS meeting for support but it was so much work and the group wasn't run very well. I don't have a scales but weigh in at the Dr.'s office once a month. Anyone in Southern California? I am looking for a workout buddy.


Back on Track- New surgery date!!!

Feb 18, 2011

Hello again friends,

I had my ob check up after the miscarriage yesterday and he said I was clear to go and have the surgery. I am eager to begin aquaerobics again, whoo hoo! I have an apt with Dr Kim for pre op on March 29th and was pretty bummed that it was so far away and the surgery scheduler said that he was booking surgeries in late March and early April which meant I was likely to have surgery in May. But guess, what? She called me back an hour later and said that after talking with the surgeon he agreed to schedule me for April 19th. So I put my name on the cancellation list just in case a sooner date popped up also. It looks like April 19th will be my big day. How are you doing? I am about two months later than I expected from February but April will work fine. I feel good to be back on track and have a surgery date. Look out summer, here I come =)

Amber's detour

Feb 17, 2011

Hello friends,

Well, I am sad to say that I miscarried last Friday. I just left the Dr's office and he told me that with my advanced age (40 next month) weight, and prediabetes that I am at a high risk for future pregnancies. I knew that but wasn't too thrilled to learn that waiting to get pregnant after surgery would require at least a 2 to 3 year wait. My increased rate of chromosome problems which would end up with miscarriage, or severely disabled child will be 1 in 20 and 1 in 50 at that time. That is pretty high so it doesn't look good. I discussed it with my husband and we have decided to pursue the weight loss surgery now while I have insurance and make my health a priority. I know this is best for me but I am sad about not being able to be pregnant again and feel the joys of morning sickness, stretch marks, birth and breastfeeding. I work with orphans in Mexico so I will always have my love to share and have three beautiful children. Maybe God will find a baby for us to adopt. An open adoption would be great. I will let you know when I have a date with the surgeon. I am expecting a call tomorrow from the scheduling department. I am not sure when I could have surgery and need to have a pre-op apt first. So depending on his schedule, maybe spring break would be great!


Amber's Journey

Feb 05, 2011

Hello friends,

I can't believe I am scheduled or was scheduled for bariatric surgery this Feb 22nd, 2011. Well, the surgeons nurse thought it wasn't a good plan with me expecting a baby =0 go figure. I am seven weeks today, and so very happy. The baby is the size of a blueberry and I saw its heartbeat last week by ultrasound. This is a beautiful detour to my plan. I am so happy to be a mama again yet I am scared to death because we lost our last pregnancy about a year and a half ago. My husband currently lives in Mexico and it isn't so easy with being so tired and taking care of our 17, 11 and 8 year old children. I am happier than words can say and hope to keep up to date with my weight loss group friends. Don't worry, I am staying focused, attending weekly nutrition appointments, weighing in (and staying now for meetings) at TOPS (take off pounds sensibly) and eating very healthy. I plan to continue to this and gain little weight (20-25lbs) versus my previous 50 plus. I am only supposed to gain 10-15 according to the latest research and doctors advice but I think my goal is realistic. I think if I don't gain like doctor said during first trimester and gain half to a pound a week after wards I should be fine. I've already gained 2 lbs of that goal =) My babies are always 9 pounds and up. Oh, and this time, before pregnancy I am pre-diabetic, oh no! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and please keep me updated on your progress, it keeps me motivated!


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