My struggles are going to change (staying positive)!

Mar 14, 2018

Monday started out good and then I ended up bombing in the evening. Well, yesterday was is a brand new day and a brand new start. I did end my night Monday with a nice hot cup of Amber’s detox tea. It was pretty good and I did sleep good.
Yesterday, I replaced one of my coffee’s with a cup of detox tea. It was OK. I would like to start incorporating some detox teas into my day in place of the once a month cleanse Amber and I have been doing. I went online looking up all kinds of different sites, brands, types, ingredients and reviews of different teas. I did find one that sounded good and in all of those categories so to speak. I ordered it, so we’ll see when it comes in. It’s one that you have a cup in the morning and one before bed like the ones Amber has. It’s only tea so I guess it can’t hurt to try, right?
So obviously Tuesday started out with the best of intentions until the afternoon time when everything sort of spiraled out of control. We closed the bank at 2 o’clock because of the snowstorm and at that point I had been doing really good minus the snack sized Twix that I had after breakfast. Well to make a long story short; I got home from work with good intentions until John, (my husband), came home from work with four homemade banana chocolate chip raisin cookies that he made it work. He brought one home for all of us and I grabbed one of them right away. Sweets; my darn weakness! Ahhh! That was unfortunately the beginning of my downward spiral. After that, it’s not like I had splurged on junk food or anything because we don’t have any in the house; thank God. I just constantly feel hungry! I had a couple of my measured out containers of trail mix, I had a chicken, spinach and feta egg roll for my lunch, then another one for a snack, etc etc; and it just goes on. Ugh! It’s snowed all day so we will just relaxing at home obviously so I also took the time to get some devotionals in my Bible app. I found a couple of them that revolve around food struggles, fasting, and some other similar topics. I started reading and decided then and there that I am really going to try my best to seek spiritual help in my “food addiction” struggles. I am going to start to do is somewhat fast, today, tomorrow and Friday to get me started. Obviously I can’t fast from getting my nutrition obviously so my goal is to have no solid foods; just milk, protein shakes, coffee and tea. It IS going to be hard I’m sure but I am determined to give it my 100%. Work really isn’t too bad. The real challenge for me is once I get home from work. That’s when I am really needing a lot of prayers.
Funny but not so funny story....I was at work this afternoon, where there just always seems to be food, ugh! Well anyway, today, there’s a couple woman going around giving everyone a bowl of ice cream with with homemade maple syrup on it. That really doesn’t tempt me at all so I hollered over the wall, “if anyone wants a second one, let me know cause I’m not having one”. Jens yells back over, “it’s not going to kill you”. She says stuff like all the time even though she means nothing by it, she just doesn’t understand. I did yell back over, “not having any won’t kill me either”.

It is now 8:45 pm and I have not had solid food all day and I feel...... GREAT!!!! I’m sipping on my pm tea right now while I finish this up then I’m going to read my devotionals before I head up to bed. Don’t know if prayer had part to do with it, but today was actually so much easier than I anticipated. Yay! Day one is done. I can only pray that tomorrow will be just as easy.


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