Mitchel Krieger

"Dr. Krieger did my LBL and BL and I am very please with the way everything went during surgery. He was very professional as well as caring. I am 6 months out and am extremely pleased with the results!! I would recommend him to anyone who is wanting plastic surgery. I think he did an excellent job in dealing with plastic surgery after WLS. Thanks Dr. Krieger you rock!!!"

Carilion Memorial

"The only problem I had was on my second night with a new nurse and she made me feel like crap for asking for pain medicine. She gave it to me but made me feel like I was putting her out. "

Tananchai Lucktong

"My husband and I really liked Dr. Lucktong, he explained everything including all the risks of being obese and all the risks of the surgery. We met in a group setting but there was only one other person. After that we met with him one on one. I really think I made a really good choice. I really enjoyed my consultation but hubby was It was long but well worth it too. I liked Dr. Lucktongs staff as well. Everyone was very nice and they took really good care of us. Dr. Lucktong is going to have me do a sleep study, I was borderline but I am really impressed that he is going to do this. I was actually hoping he would. I am very impressed and really feel like I made an excellant choice."
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