I have been the chubby one my whole childhood, they even called me porkchop for a nickname.

I had one baby and became much thinner after, probably because it was at age 18. Next baby came at age 20 and even after that one i got thinner.

25 came knocking and i noticed i was getting close to a 20 pound gain from normal and it wasn't going any where anytime soon. .  Well 30 came and a 40 pound gain had happened and still i struggled to try to lose the weight. I would win at certain diets and then lose even bigger than before i started the diet.  35 was a easy 60 pound gain and since 40 over 100 lbs

Why me? i keep asking myself.  I got a skinny sister and 2 skinny brothers but nope i have to take after mom's family and be a beefcake along with her and my sister just under me.

Well finally at the end of 2007 i have decided enough is enough, i am constantly beating myself up over the weight and i do not want to do this anymore.  I have been investigating WLS and reading a lot about it.  I joined this site on Dec,16th 2007 and by the 17th i filled in the online application for a clinic that contacted me that my DR had mentioned last week when i went in to see him to get  Hubby's WLS progressing.

He mentioned DR Milton Owens to Hubby for surgery and since that was the clinic who contacted me on here i thought wow why not go for it myself as well.    I did the online pre approval application and sent in my medical card info.  Now i wait for a reply.

I so want to be a success story like so many stories i have read on here.  I have spent years in therapy to fix many issues inside myself  and now i want to outside to match.

As things progress in the process i will add more here.

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