As long as I can remember, I was always bigger than other children my age. At age 8, I began to experience the jokes and ridicule, and by age 14 I was always last to be chosen by team captains for certain sports. I was fortunate to have a beautiful face and personality, so by 16 I had a steady boyfriend. When he broke my heart, I starved myself into a size 16 as revenge. Eventually, I left college and moved out of state. No matter how much success I experienced, I always felt like I would've achieved more if I'd been a petite size 2. After becoming employed by an exclusive plus size retailer, I began to appreciate my plus size body and the beautiful clothes I had access to. After several traumatic events, my weight ballooned to 338lbs and more meds than I could count. Once diagnosed with breast cancer, I decided I'd rather die than live being labeled "obese." This led me to RNY and it was the best decision I've ever made. Of course, due to complications of thyroid cancer, my weight loss has been disappointing. 3 yrs out I've regained 33 lbs, but still feel comfortable bending over and tying my shoe. I will admit though, once I was able to buy a size 14 white pair of shorts and a little tank I felt like a million dollars! So now, I struggle and stress over my weight and look for science to invent a drug that will successfully interfere with hunger. People ask me if I'd have gastric again and I tell them hell yes and would beg to have it redone today. Skinny people have no idea the hourly, daily and lifetime struggles obese people suffer.

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