Discussion of revision

Jan 13, 2010

Underwent a endoscopy to see if pouch was steretched and it was not; therefore, a revision is not necessary. Unable to exercise because of painful heel spurs. Physician does not have a time line for when I can begin exercising on treadmill.


Thyroid complicates successful weight loss

Dec 09, 2008

Well, after some research I've learned that due to the thyroid cancer prior to RNY, metabolically I should have been informed of the possibility of less weight loss.  At least now, I know that I'm not to blame and the guilt from my weight loss failure is not solely my fault.  Now all I have to do is find a surgeon who will perform a revision. My advice to anyone who is considering gastric, please do your research and get as many references re: your Dr. as possible. Aftercare and support from your Dr. is imperative when you are faced with post op complications.

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Thyroid complicates successful weight loss