To My OH Family...

May 06, 2011

Thanks to all my OH guys and dolls for the [continued] support and words of encouragement. You guys are seriously awesome. My best friend (and family) have been bombarded enough with all this WLS insurance drama lol! So, at the end of the day...I'm glad we all have each other in our OH Family. Stuff's been rough; but with prayer, perseverance, and support anything can be accomplished! If my Orlando Florida lead (VSG Surgeon) falls through- I'll end up having to get the RNY instead of the VSG or DS... That being the case, I'll just have to rock what I'm given and stay positive through it. However cliche' it may sound; I feel that everything happens for a reason and that God has my best interests at heart. Besides, who said it was gonna be easy, right?

No matter what, I'm gonna keep fighting the good fight; and keep lookin cute while I do so. 


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