Five Weeks Post Op; 50 Pounds Down!

Aug 08, 2011

I am totally shocked.

I wasn't anticipating significant weight loss today! I mean, I had no idea until I actually stepped on the scale! I gotta say though, I'm really happy. This means that I am "normal" and CAN lose weight like a normal human being!
My nutritionist moved me to Soft Solids today. I don't mind my surgeon's strict rules at all; as long I continue to get these results. I'm allowed fish, scallops, beef, chicken (which I still can't tolerate), pumpkin, plantains, melons, fruit cups in light syrup/water, I'm allowed to eat melba toast, low sodium crackers, light cream cheese, s/f jam, sweet potatoes, and pulp free juices. There's some more, but I'm not gonna post my whole menu on here lol. My protein needs to be upped indefinitely... and I now have to take some gentle iron and calcium citrate. Oh, joy. I wonder why I must take so many calcium pills though; five pills seems a little excessive. Whatever it takes; it's all worth it. You guys should' ve seen my hubbs Raf and my mom's reactions to the weight loss! They were soooo happy for me. This makes victory even sweeter. I don't know what else to say... I'm happy, blessed, and I will always do my best to keep you guys updated. My new camera should be in the mail soon- so count on some new pic posts. ::winks::

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