Rushed To The Hospital 11/3/11.

Nov 06, 2011

This Thursday the ambulance rushed me out of my house. I was sure I'd die on the way. This was the second worst pain I've ever felt. I truly believed my insides had somehow gotten torn; I thought I was having some terrible RNY complication. Once @ hospital; bloodwork, cat scan and a nice big dose of Dilauded were ordered. Turns out my daily calcium dose was too high; resulting in calcium deposits in the ole kidney. So yah, I passed a stone and was rushed to the hospital as a result. Ughhh. The cat scan revealed... a tiny remaining stone; and so Flomax was prescribed to flush it out, and percocet was prescribed for the pain. I could've sworn I'd come home with child, because it sure as hell felt like I had given birth. The saddest thing of all is when I got home and opened the door, The Lion stood up on his hind legs (like a lil human) and straight up CRIED. He let out this long, high-pitched whimper that just broke my heart in half. Huge Thanks to my amazing friends and family for their love and concern. The most comforting thing was to see my friend Michelle and my ma at the hospital when I was rushed in; big stupids made me cry too. ::giggle:: Getting worried phone calls from Raf, Lucy, and Jenni Rose made me feel all special and loved. ::giggle snort:: I really should go to sleep now; I'm high as sh#t on percocet, and I'm beat. G'nite! :p


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