My One Year Surgiversary.

Jul 03, 2012

It is 8pm in sunny South Florida. Today was mostly just hot and boring. I've spent the last few hours typing characters with my bright red glitter nails... sending emails to national bands, record labels, promoters, and venues; performing my duties as band manager for Miami Punk N' Roll band Minority Assembly, and simultaneously having at my duties as a freelance writer. I was catching up to email, when I received a message from OH, congratulating me on my 1 year post op. I couldn't help but smile. Geez Louise! How time flies...

One year ago, I was nearly 400 pounds. And so far, I've lost 130+ pounds of that weight. Yikes! 
For the past 2 months I had been busting ass in the gym, and was losing inches [not pounds] on the scale.
2.2 weeks ago, I stopped working out due to the fact that my Osteoarthritis is ruining my life. Arggghhhhh!!!!!
The pain in my right knee has become unbearable. Since I can't take NSAID pills, I've been using Voltaren Gel.
It's not bad, but the Lidocaine patches tend to work better (and quicker) for me for some reason...

When the OA decides to calm down a bit, I'll get my butt back in the gym. For now, I'm eating healthy and taking
my vitamins and B12 sub-lingual dots. I have a lot of lose skin on my abdomen (hides well), and I can't predict anything but a tummy tuck in my future. In fact, I have been thinking about it a lot lately. I promise I'll keep you guys updated.

Many thanks to those of you who keep in touch with me through Facebook, and those that sent me congratulatory messages. I appreciated that very much.

Here's wishing everyone well on their journeys...

God Bless!
Amy Lou

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