We'll, I came into the world in Indiana weighing over ten pounds! (sorry mom). And I have never once been a "normal weight" ever my whole life. Like most others on this site, I have tried every diet in the world, only to loose a little and gain it back plus more. I was born on my fathers birthday. We have always been very close, which I think because we share our birthday and a weight problem. Were the only ones in our immediate family that is overweight. I always thought he understood me and what I was going through. He was also the best example for me, he was super active, always working out and playing basketball at the YMCA. He showed me first hand that you live your life doing whatever you want and playing all the sports you enjoy and having fun no matter what size you are. He was always playing catch and shooting hoops with me. He used to go on diets with me and promise new clothes if I lost weight. He came to all my games and supported me unconditionally! Thank-you dad, I love you more than any man on this earth! Now, my mom, she isn't really overweight but she did everything she could to try to help me lose weight growing up also. She went to weight watchers with me and ate everything I had too. She even came up with a way to flavor skim milk to get me to drink it. She also told me I could do anything I wanted and don't let being overweight stop me from anything I wanted to do in life. She coached my softball team and came to all my games through High School. Everytime I've gone on a diet in my life, which is close to thousands, she has encourged me, called me to check up on how I was doing, and never once said, here we go again. Thank-you mom for all you support and advice- I think you are the most amazing women ever! You can do anything! I wish I was more like you. My brother and sister were so great to me growing up too. They both are normal weight but have never said anything negative to me about being overweight ever! Not even when we were kids. They let me hang around their friends, talked to me at school, never made me feel bad about myself, I thank you Tony and Heather for that-I love you guys tons! I know the love and support from my family is why I had a good chidhood. I have so many good memories growing up, playing sports, family get togethers, and holidays. Of course, there was some teasing at school and I did'nt get to wear some of the stlyish clothes I wanted, but nothing that bad. I graduated from HighSchool and moved to Cleveland Ohio. I went to a nanny school and have been a nanny for thirteen years. I love being a nanny! It's so easy and so much fun. Somedays, I can't believe I'm getting paid  to do what I do. I've been married to a great guy for seven years. He is so sweat and caring. I got prego on our honeymoon! I gained over a hundred pounds that nine months.(yikes) I weigh onehundred and fifty pounds more than when we got married! And to my surprise, he has never once said anything about it to me. I feel really bad for him and I want to look like I did when he met me. But, anyways I got Noah, my six year old. He changed my life. I never knew I could love someone this much. It was like my heart was walking around outside my body. I'll do anything to give him a good life. He's so sweet and caring. And a awesome soccer player! You'll find me every saterday screaming my lungs out cheering for him at his games. I also volenteer at his school. I'm so scared if I don't lose some weight he will be teased from other kids and not want me to be so involved in his life. On a happier note, I also have a crazy, funny little boy Joey. He is eighteen months old and I just adore him too! He makes me laugh every single day, just like his daddy. So, i guess you could say I have a pretty great life, a good job,where I can be with my kids all day, a supportive,loving husband, two amazing,buetiful boys, awesome,loving family,and no health problems. Right? Yeah, with the exception of one thing- I'm sick of being obese! I'm sick of waiting for a health problem to arise, I'm sick of wondering what would happen to my babies if I had a heart attack, I'm sick of people starring at me, I'm sick of the wispers when I walk by, I'm sick of sweating so bad in the summer taking my kids on a walk, I'm sicking of wearing old lady clothes, I'm sick and tired of being overweight! And, now I am doing something about it. I'm currently waiting on insurence approvel for gastric bypass surgery. I want to thank everyone in my life for supporting me and everyone whose brave enough to share your story on this website, it has given me courage to actually go through with this. Keep your fingers crossed for me :)

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