my story really is no different than most ive read here. my earliest memory of dieting was when i was 12 and my mom (rip mom love you) took me to a holistic weight loss clinic in newark. i was put on loads of vitamins and had to go there once a week to be put into this sweat chamber from the neck down. i would sit there for however long it was and cook but naked until the massage therapist came in to get me out of there. then i would get a vigorous massage from neck down. im not sure what that whole process at that age did to me but it sure didnt help me loose the weight ! 
as i got older my weight dropped and climbed back up again time after time after time. i dont ever remember not being on one kind of diet or another. slim fast, nutri system, jen craig, ww..i joined lucille roberts and stuck to that for quite some time until they closed the gym..i didnt join another gym until years later only to pay for the membership and always finding an excuse not to go.
i found myself in my late 20's in a relationship and comfortable. my weight at that point went thru the roof.
when that relationship ended i lost weight because i got really ill due to stress but not too much time passed when i found myself getting better and started to take care of myself and dealing with my weight issue. i wanted more than anything to find someone to be with and knew at that weight there was slim to no chance of finding anyone. i religiously started going to the y and walking on my treadmill. i swam, took step classes, did the weights, and ate healthy. with all that work looking back now i didnt really drop that much. i was def in a smaller size but it surely didnt melt away either. the smallest size i got down was to a 20. but i kept plugging away.
4 years later my mom unfortunately was diagnosed with colon cancer. i moved back home and stood by her while she battled the beast for three years. my weight went up and down during this time and it was the last thing i really paid attention to with what was going on with her. the awful feeling of not being able to do anything to control the outcome of this for her was pure hell and there was times that the only comfort i felt was when i ate. unfortunately my mom lost her battle two years ago and my whole world changed. she passed dec of 2007.
in feb of 2008 i went on vacation with friends and i met the love of my life. Daniel was also there with mutual friends and we hit it off. I truly believe my mom sent him to me because he has turned out to be the joy of my life. my true love. along with being in a happy and healthy relationship came the pounds lol. not good but we where truly enjoying ourselves and going thru the process of falling in love, moving in together, getting engaged and all the while my weight kept climbing along with my happiness.
august of 2009 on my birthday Daniel proposed to me. It was truly one of the happiest days of my life.
i started planning out wedding for the coming year and one of the first things i found was my wedding dress. its beautiful and although Daniel loves me for me i just sat there gazing at myself in this dress and thought i could not do it at this size. i knew right then and there something was to change. a week later i was at my doctors office and talking to her about wls. She was thrilled as she was already working with me for about the better part of the year at trying to loose the excess weight. and here i am.
i owe myself a healthier life and i owe my Daniel a healthy bride! I want to live a happy and long life with him and this journey will be the first step to reaching that goal.

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