jan 13th

Jan 13, 2010

well im more than thrilled to announce that i actually feel a little (not alot lets not get crazy here) just a dash of happiness today since this surgery took place. 
i went to see my surgeon today..1 week post op app. i lost 12 lbs since surgery...yep thats great. well kinda..sorry i wasnt jumping up and down for joy...of course i lost 12 lbs...WHO WOULDNT.(oooo angry moment slipping out sorry), but seriously who wouldnt loose this kind of weight just drinking clear liquids and eating jello at 2 oz a pop..ok well anyway..everything looks good, the incisions are healing, the exhaustion is normal, the soreness is normal, im pooping normally, taking my multi vit, cal w/vit d, and iron pills...ok good girl ..see ya in 3 weeks. ok bye dr. Frankenstein(he is a very good surgeon this nick name is used completely as a term of endearment) ill see you in 3 weeks....
your wondering where the little tiny piece of happiness is here right..yah its coming ....
im driving home and i see a vitamin store..crossed over 3 lanes and cut off a couple of people (sorry yes i deserved the bird you gave me) BACK OFF I JUST HAD WLS AND IM A WOMAN ON THE EDGE.
i went into the store and found ahhhhhhhhhh
DENISE..his name was denise....
hi can i help you....me: no no just looking...(in my head) ..looking for another disgusting protein shake i might be able to choke down without gagging and eventually barfing up because it gets stuck in my throat and YES its no one elses fault but mine because i wanted to have wls and well here i am about as unhappy as ive ever felt in my whole life that i went through with this hell surgery and now i cant eat a fucking thing and im on the verge of dehydration/malnurtrition and will probably before too long end up back in the emergency room with iv's stuck in me because for the life of me i realllly thought i would be able to do this whole protein thing after surgery but NOPE i cant and well...
me: ummm yes can you actually help me with something....
denise: well you didnt need me before you sure you need me now...
me: yeahhhh (lol) i need you now ...(in my head)..just help me kid what the fuck you have no idea i might just eat you right here and now to get in my protein.
me: i just had wls and cant deal with the protein drinks blah blah blah...sniffle sniffle (trying to hold back tears here) and well im looking for something ohhh i dont know that i cant lets see TASTE AT ALL. !!! thats it im going for something that is tasteless..how about it denise can you help me.?
denise....listen try this stuff. its not thick, mixes well with water, and i get rave reviews from people about it. (chest puffs out) i even drink this stuff in the summer when im training and i love it. put it over ice and trust me you will like it better than the thick protein shakes....
me: hmmm do you have a smaller sampler thing i can try other than this drum of the stuff that i will need a wheel barrell to get it into the house hmmmm??
denise: no but look try it if you dont like it at all bring it back to me and we will find something you like (bright smile) ..
me: ok fine denise..(in my head) what a nice smile the kid has...good for sales im sure.  
......at home.... 1 scoop 23 grams of protein in water over ice mix mix mix.. and tried ..
the heavens opened up and i swear i heard angels singing!!! the shit is exactly how he said it was. mixes well, tastes exactly like ice tea and is not thick and gross.
i drank 24 oz of water with this stuff mixed in and at 23 grams of protein a scoop ..i have taken in 69 grams of protein already and i can keep sipping on this stuff for the rest of the night.
its called nectar...ice tea 
thank you denise! in my heart im sure god or my mother (rip mom love you) or both put you in my path today so you could help me for i was praying sooo very hard lately for the help.
and HERE is the bit of happiness for me today...
hope you all are having a happy day as well !!!!


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