what a road this has been so far..

Aug 22, 2010

its been 7 months since surgery and this road has sure been with many ups and downs. iv havent written since feb and at that time i was struggling with finding protien that i could tolerate drinking. luckily i found the right stuff that worked for  me and since ive been working my way up with food. total trial and error with food ..some things i can tolerate others i cant. no matter what my intake ive continuously lost weight and im not unhappy with how ive progressed. so much so that i went from a size 24/26 to a size 16 and the first piece of clothing that was that 16 was my wedding dress..thrilled doesnt even come close to describing what i felt. we also went away for the first time since surgery and eating out was a challenge. mostly it went well but i defenitely over did it one night and ate way to much and paid a dear price for that one, however i have no one to blame for that one but myself..i knew exactly when i should of stopped eating and i did  not, but i lived thru it.
we are home now and its back to reality. doing dishes, cooking, working, laundry and taking care of my new husband!!
iv always loved my life..now im just loving my life in a smaller size! 


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