oct 8th..the jeans.

Oct 08, 2010

its been 10 months. i went shopping last night. i for some reason have been really slow about giving up my ahem bigger sizes. im sure there is some deep seeded mental issue that im not dealing with about the clothes or it could be that ive just been that lazy and cheap about it. around here thrift stores are just as expensive in my opinion as a regular store so ive opted to wait until i couldnt wait anymore..well last night was the ohhh shit i better go get atleast a pair of jeans that fit me.
so im off and hanging around the house making dinner for my sweety when a buddy of mine pops in..hey whats for dinner he says...glad i was making extra or nothing would of been my answer..but on the menu was a pot of chilli that i was gonna put over tortillas with shredded cheese and i made a home made salsa with red onion, plum tomatoes, green pepper, ripe avocado, salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar and spanish rice..omg one of my favorite meals.
so here we are chit chatting away while im cooking and all of sudden out of no where my friend says hey you know something since ive been here you have pulled your jeans up atleast 30 times and adjusted the belt im waiting for them to fall off completely! i think i was a bit embarrased cause he is one of my guy friends but none the less dinner over and off i go to shop.
marshalls..i went there..never been there..didnt think i could fit into anything in there but i went there. first off that place has stuff all over the place..making heads or tails of the store made me feel overwhelmed so i hit the shoe department and started talking to myself..yes outloud..i started saying ok you can do this..go over there and just start looking at the jeans...pick a few pair and just go try them on...im not sure if anyone was watching or listening to me but if so i must of come across as a complete loon. i was totally having a panick attack over a pair of jeans. so after trying on a few pair of those shoes with the really really high heels that i cant walk in at all..i did it..went over to the jeans and picked out a pair..size 20..too big. 18 too big...16 too big...size 14..and a calvin klein dress size large later and im sitting in the dressing room talking to myself again..yes outloud.."holy f*cken shit i cant believe i fit in these..omg look at my ass..is that my ass..i gotta get a picture of this"!! and when i reached for my phone..IT WAS DEAD lmao!
so here i am size 14 jeans..i didnt get the dress 50 bucks calvin klein can keep his dress..50 bucks will buy me a couple of tubs of protein powder.
enjoying the ride folks enjoying the ride !!! 


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