3 years later...

Jan 06, 2013

time is just going by too fast. january 5th was my 3 year anniv.

it was not a easy road by all means. ive had my ups and downs. i owe my success to my excellent surgeon dr. b. from long branch. he is an excellent surgeon and made this journey somewhat easy. ive lost 180 lbs and have been able to maintain it with no problems. my eating has increased significantly and i can pretty much eat whatever i want within reason. no problems with food getting stuck and i dont dump on sugar thank god cause my sweet tooth has never left me but a bite or two of desert and im satified. only certain foods give me  little problem but its nothing i have trouble stayin away from like eggs and whole milk. no big deal i can do without them. i keep up my protein as much as possible and take my vitamins faithfully. get my blood checked every six months and i feel overall my health is in decent shape. my only form of physical activity is running around with my very active yorkie. ive never been one for the gym. i hope everyone the best on their journey and im open for any questions anyone might have for me ..i will help in any way i can. happy new year to all my friends here.


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