Steven J. Binenbaum

"I had gastric bypass done by Dr. B. on 1.5.10 ..i started out at about 278 and im down to 160. I feel fantastic and have had no issues physically or with food. I eat anything I want in moderation at this point (im a 1 1/2 out) .... I feel he is a great my opinion I could care less about anyone's bedside manner thats going to open me up and perform surgery on me as long as he knows what he is doing and he made me feel confident that he knows his profession very well...he covered everything he was going to do and made sure i understood what was going to happen..He was also ontop of me to quit smoking and made me aware of how important that was...I unfortunately didnt listent to him as i should have and ended up having breathing problems after surgery which was totally my fault but im happy to say that I never went back to smoking after surgery either.... He also kept me in the hospital for an extra day due to a fever which cleared up and i was out of there and went home to recover. I followed up with him twice i think after the surgery and i havent been to see him since only because my pcp takes care of my lab work and am happy to say I have never had any discomfort of any kind. I have never even thrown up once since surgery and I attribute that to his skills and me following the plan they gave. I would send anyone to Dr. B. if they wanted gastric bypass...he gave me a the tool to live a healthier life. "

Monmouth Medical Center

"I loved everything about this place. I mean who wants to stay at a hospital, but everyone from the residents, nurses, doctors, nutritionist, x-ray people to the housekeepers and transport people where nice, friendly and professional. I would recommend this hospital to anyone. "
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