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Did you have a drain tube after surgery and how long did you have it? I had a catheter and they removed it the day after surgery, totally painless.

Tomorrow is my one week post-op appointment and I'm hoping they will remove the drain tube.

AnaliaM wrote My conversion LapBand to Sleeve 9 months, 1 week ago

Surgery went well, everything was by the book. The surgeon told me I had a lot scar tissue pushing the band/stomach towards the liver and he had to work hard to clean it all up, but thank God every...

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I need to be at Cleveland Clinic tomorrow March, 6th at 6 am and my surgery is scheduled at 8 am with Dr Szmostein.

I read over 300 pages in this forum, and I would appreciate any thoughts, comments, advice, tips, whatever you think I need to k

AnaliaM wrote 5 days to my revision... 9 months, 2 weeks ago

I'm going from Lap-Band to sleeve, counting days, I'm a little nervious and anxious.

What should I expect?

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Wear my husbands T-shirts and have them be big :o)

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Way to go girl! I'm out 6 weeks and improving too! Congrats!

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