Charles S. Bollman

"*Note Dr. Bollman and Dr. Stevens did the surgery together. Dr. Stevens was my primary surgeon for aftercare.*rnrn Dr. Stevens is small in stature. Not intimidating. Dr. Stevens was very up front about the risks of the surgery and that this has to be a life style change. Also stressing that this shouldn't be a decision that one should consider lightly.The two doctors (Dr. Charles Bollman and Dr. Scott Stevens) that do this surgery at Geary County Community Hospital in Junction City KS; are truly dedicated to making the morbid obese person's life longer and more productive. These two doctors were doing this long before others jumped on the money making band wagon. They both show the precise amount of knowledge, care and compassion to make every patient feel like their only patient. I would rate these doctors 20 on a scale of 1-10. I would not intrust my life in the hands of any other doctor('s) for this procedure. I also have to note that Eileen (Dr. Boleman's nurse) and Karla (Dr. Steven's nurse) are awesome as well. I call Karla my angel, she is the earthiest, kindest, most soft spoken, gentlest, giving, beautiful, loving spirit I have ever known. There is nothing she would not do for her patients. I am confident that all will go well with my surgery, because I could not, in my opinion; be in better care anywhere else with anyone else. I know we aren't suppose to rate excellent on everything. But honestly I cannot think of anything negative to say about the doctors or their staff.rnrnrn**This is my insurance info**rnrnAetna, PPOrnI actually changed insurance from Coventry Health (HMO) to Aetna PPO in January 2003. Coventry would not pay for this surgery, they deem it \"cosmetic surgery\". It is amazing to me how many insurance companies are so ignorant still of the plight of the morbidly obese. Or maybe they just don't care. Probably they just don't care. Well, I switched to Aetna PPO as soon as possible, which was the beginning of the year, because they do pay for this surgery. I had a co worker that had the surgery in 2000 and she had Aetna PPO. So, I knew I would be okay with this insurance. I couldn't believe they turned me down on my first application. They had a new clause in the plan. Not only did you have to be 100 pounds overweight and have a doctor deem this medically neccesary; but you have to within the previous 2 years have 6 months of doctor supervised weight loss and excercise program. So, even though I had been fighting my weight my entire life, and had tried every diet and excercise program under the sun. I still had not had what they wanted. So, they denied me. Well, long story short. I got them on appeal with a technicality. Since I switched insurance at the beginning of the year there was a delay getting authorized for surgery. This new clause went into effect January 17th, so on appeal we contested that I had tried to get authorization prior to the new clause. I guess they felt that was the case because shortly after my appeal I got approval. So, for anyone else that has Aetna PPO bottom line is YOU MUST BE 100 POUNDS OVERWEIGHT, HAVE A DOCTOR DEEM SURGERY A MEDICAL NECCESSITY, AND HAVE 6 MONTHS OF DOCTOR OVERSEEN DIET AND EXCERCISE IN THE PREVIOUS 2 YEARS BEFORE SUBMITTING FOR SURGERY. Hope this helps someone else. Actually, I am glad that in the end they are paying.~ rn"

Geary Community Hospital

"**Note** This review was written in 2003. This hospital is a relatively small hospital compared to the hospitals where I live. But, they are extremely up to date. I felt very comfortable knowing that if anything went wrong, or if I needed emergency care; this hospital was equipped. Comments: I haven't had surgery yet, but with having my sister go through it here and having my pre-op here. What I have seen so far is just excellence. Above board quality people, and quality facility. Very caring. What I like is that it isn't a big hospital. So, when you see the staff in the hall or cafeteria they remember you and ask how you are or in my case they asked how my sister was doing. So, I feel extremely comfortable and confident in this hospital.~ Okay, now I have had my surgery. I am still espousing the virtues of this hospital. It is clean, the staff and volunteers are friendly, the gift shop is quaint, and the hospital is just so well equipped with updated equipment. Not to mention that the hospital does cater to the larger person. I've read on this site where a lot of doctors offices don't have scales that go beyond 350. Well, that is ridiculous. They have scales that would weigh anyone I would imagine. They also have oversized wheel chairs and oversized chairs. So, whether you are a patient or a guest they make sure you are comfortable. I highly recommend this hospital for anyone thinking of having the surgery "

Zone Perfect Bars

"I love most of the Zone Perfect Bar flavors. I love the new Chocolate Almond Raisin. Totally yummy!! These do pack over 200 calories each and don't pack as much protein as I'd like (around 15 per bar). But as an afternoon pick up or snack I think they are a good substitute for junk food. Also they now have some in a smaller size which is more feasible for new post ops that can't eat the bigger bars."
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