Second Visit- Doctor that helps with Weightloss not surgery.

Mar 30, 2016

I met with a doctor today that deals with the Weightloss with out surgery. He was really nice, went through my food journal and we talked about my everyday and history. He says from my food journal and me working out schedule that I should be loosing.  He figures what it could be a genetic thing. OH YAY. NOT!!!!  He told me that he would recommend the surgery.   He told me that it will probably be very hard for me to lose the 10% that they require. That makes it heart breaking for me. So how am I suppose to get there? What do I change to get there?  He did say that I could do 2 shakes a day. But I need to make sure I have my snacks too.   I have another appointment with him in 2 months.  I lost .3 on my BMI. 

My next appointment is

April 27th 2016 - Dietician assessment 

May 12 2016 - Weightloss Doctor and Nurse

June 15 2016 - Mental Health