Medgem and mental health appointments

Jun 13, 2016

So I had my MedGem test first thing this morning. Took about 10 minutes to actually to do the test. I found out the at a resting state of 24 hours I would burn 1780 calories.  So I asked how does this effect what I am doing now. The answer was nothing. I stay at my 1200 calorie intake. 


I didnt have have to wait till 1 for my next appointment.  I got taken into my mental health appointment right away. Thank goodness would have been along day.  

The lady I had I found easy to talk to. Told her my whole life and how I look at life and she was happy. I asked about food issues and I don't have any other then actually eating.  I only ever ate once a day.  She is happy with me and said that she doesn't need to see me again unless I want to. Yippie!