I am 19 years old and i had the gastric bypass surgery on April 17th 2008. I actually had my surgery with Dr. Camilo Morantes Vega, he is the only doctor that does surgery in the state of Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Yes, i had my surgery in Venezuela. I thought the surgery was going to be very painful but it actually wasn't as bad as i thought. So i had the RNY done. The day of the operation i still felt that i was living a dream. I was thinking.. no way i am here.. no way i am going to have this surgery done. I was also a little drugged. They gave me clonidine to calm my nerves but i didn't feel nervous. I was in the room at 2:30pm. I remember the seeing a big needle. I was already in the small bed and i had an arm out like if i was being put on a cross. So when i saw that needle i remember seeing the room turning green and then i guess i'm out! lol I actually wake up in the recovery room with so much pain. I remember calling my mother. I had about 20 people in the waiting room. haha.. they got kicked out. and what else.. i was sent in my room @ 8:30pm and then i got up and used the restroom. I got dressed walked and i went back in bad. It was just interesting. so yeah that's my story on that.

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