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Jul 29, 2009

Well I woke up Monday the 28th at 4:55am to get the IVC filter inserted in my groin.Its suppose to stop bloodclots that form in the legs from going to the lungs.omg Im usally just turning over at that timeof the morning.My brother picked me up alittle after 5am and drove me there.Went in to the emergency entrence at GBMC took a seat in the waiting area at 5:45am.At 7am they finally called my name.The secretary and the Nurse were so nice.I had to get blood work done there,oh that was fun he blew the first vein, so we played hide and seek for another . Finally had the blood work and EKG out of the way.I hate the gowns they make you wear by the way.Id rather keep my underwear on but thats just me.I was dehydrated because of the not eating or drinking after midnight rule.They gave me an IV to hydrate me but I was running to the bathroom every 5 minutes.Well they finally wheeled me down a long corridor,It reminded me of an alien abduction story just seeing the lights on the celing zip past.They made me scoot from my bed to the OR table which was so thin.Lucky for me they had arm rests for me that stuck out from the side of the table.Then the fun began the medicated me and I was so light headed.Cool thing is the doctor had some good music playing.I didnt feel a thing and we were done in like half hr.Now I had to stay flat on the recovery bed for and hr after but all went well.  

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