One Month

May 02, 2009

Okay...I am officially late with this entry! But let's's been a month and a week since surgery and down 28lbs!!! Things have been great! I have had my share of the "stall" where the scale would not move for days!! but I believe when I wasn't moving the scale, that inches were coming off :) I'm down to a size 13, and tight 12's! Most people at work have commented on my weight loss, they notice it in my face, but i still have a double chin just isn't that noticeable at a certain angle.....I get on the scale at least once a day if not more! but it's habit...I believe males are noticing me more than previously, but they could notice me more because I am more outgoing, confident in myself which I am starting to LOVE!! ....Well  I got fitted for a new bra, me thinking okay I've lost some weight so let me get fitted....when to Victoria Secrets and they tell me 40DD....okay the bra is like uncomfortable to an extent, so I go into Maidenform and get fitted they tell me 38DDD! I was soooo disappointed, but the bra fit very well but it seemed like it was a minimizer which I don't want my top have smaller than my stomach...I haven't seen anyone in my family since having the surgery other than my mom, so on Mother's Day I plan on seeing my grandparents and my bestfriend who is overweight but scared to have the we shall see how that mini reunion goes since my bf has some jealously issues, by having the weight loss surgery I believe that some of my relationships are going to end with the fact that for once in my life I feel great about myself and I have the 'you can't tell me nothing!' attitude!!! Well that's all for now!


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