It's been 4 months & 2days!

Jul 26, 2009

WoW! It's been 4 months and 2 days since surgery and I've rocked my sleeve :) I weighted in today at 151!! So that's 58lbs from surgery weight in, and 64lbs from my highest weight! My clothing size has been dropping steady now...Im wearing anywhere from 9's to 6's! I refuse to buy jeans at regular price, my favorite store for jeans is goodwill! can't beat $6.99 for jeans and I always seem to find brands that I *LOVE* with nothing wrong w/ them!  As far as my shirt size- I can freaking wear a SMALL/MEDIUM! & that is AMAZING! I am not losing quickly were I have that sick look, that everybody was worried about pre-op, I get so many complients now, bra size went down from DD to C, didn't really have a big booty, but NOW it's really non-existent..aside from sagging and an extra flat behind life is *good* the near future I see breast lift, maybe some lipo, and I want some fat injections or butt implants! :) I may change later, but for now thats what I see!


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