Hi All!!

Jun 17, 2022

Hi All,

I am Andrea, live in Brooklyn, NY. I had my lapband to bypass revision on May 23, 2022. Had my band placed Nov of 2011. My highest weight was 258. I lost a total of 38 pounds with my band but lots of inches. Size 24/26 pants down to an 18! I was very happy. Was able to get up off the floor, was a very active football mom.until I got hit by a car in 2018.

In 2020 I began having terrible acid reflux and pain. Went to my gastro and found 3 esophageal ulcers. After being put on meds for a few months, 2 of the 3 were healed. He sent me back to my surgeon.

After many tests and scans, we discussed revision since the ulcer that could not heal was at the point where band meets stomach.

And so my bypass revision story began. The revision to bypass happened on May 23rd of tjis year. My starting weight this time was at 244. Between preop liquids until now post op 3 weeks I am down to 224.

I started puree last week per the surgeon and have one more before starting soft foods. I have seen the scale go up since a pound or two and don't understand when I'm tracking and not having more than 600 calories.

I am still feeling some soreness inside. Not quite sure what I'm supposed to be feeling, if this is normal but I'm sure it is. Very different from my band. My incisions healed nicely and I still have some healing itching.


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Jun 17, 2022
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Still had my lapband but fluid was removed. This was not my heaviest but heaviest since being banded
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