5 day pouch test

Jan 30, 2008

My advice...do it!  Nuff said.

Post arm surgery...

Nov 06, 2007

ok. I typed this long post and it disappeared...

to sum it up, arm surgery went great.  I really hated not being able to do things and if I needed a revision I would not do it again. too restrictive!

The results are phenomenal, and I attribute that completely to Dr. Abramson. I'm one of his many fans and recommend him whole heartedly.

Now, time for that tummy tuck. 

I'm getting married in May 2008, got the beautiful strapless dress of my 
D-REAMS! (said in valley girl tone).  It's a knockoff of the jessica simpson dress i have come to discover.  Lo-huve-it!

I cannot wait to be a princess on my big day. yes I'm a complete bridezilla, and it's all about ME :)

Arm Surgery!!!

Jun 19, 2007

It's been a long time since I posted on here.  I decided to forego the TT, because I'm going to try to get preggo next year after I get married. 

As of May 26, 2007 I am engaged and will be married on May 24, 2008.  My finance recently asked, "Do we still celebrate our 'dating' anniversary after we're married?  I can't remember both."  LOL

I'm so excited and I'm really enjoying this bridal planning stuff. It gives me something to focus on. 

I'm having bracioplasty on June 22, 2007.  I'm excited and freaking nervous. I keep trying to think positive thoughts.  My arms are such a point of contention for me.  It made being a bridemaid in my cousin's wedding a horror.  It depressed me about ever getting married and going on a honeymoon.

Yes, people say, "It shouldn't matter, wear what you want."  You know who says that to you?  Skinny freaks with skinny arms.  I subscribe to the philosophies of TLC's What Not to Wear.  If you don't look good in it, don't freaking wear it.  

Each minute is pure torture as I wait for surgery.  Time...pass already.

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Mar 27, 2007

8/17/06 My office is changing insurance companies so that I can get plastic surgery. I'm so excited. I'm hoping to get a TT in the spring. I will have a few months to begin documentation.

4/21/06 I have been holding my own with regard to the weight loss. I know that I have to start exercising more.

I am really becoming self conscious regarding the extra skin, and I am researching plastic surgeons now. I definitely want to get my arms done, and then maybe more. I figure why not go all the way.

The thought of wearing a cap sleeved shirt it exciting. Also, I think someday when I get married, I will want to wear a strapless gown.

11/8/05 Well, I've changed my entire life over the course of this year so far...
New job, new apartment, new boyfriend, new wardrobe:) I'm down to 205.5, "onederland" is almost here.

I discovered a new support group in Toms River, NJ, and I look forward to getting to know everyone better. It really is important to attend support group meetings.

I'm down to a size 14/16 in a regular store. I never thought that would happen. I can't believe that I've lost 165 lbs in 8 months. It's truly changed my life. I feel wonderful. I'm more confident. I have 25 lbs until my doctor's goal and I know I can do it. I am going to join jazzercise.

8/15/05 Almost at the 6 month mark. I'm down 131 lbs. I am wearing a size 18. When I go to a club, and I'm dancing in front of a mirror, I can't believe how small I am. This is amazing. I'm so happy that I had the surgery. I don't want to jinx myself, but I'm so happy. I feel almost normal.

I went to Las Vegas, by myself, might I add. Believe me, what happens there, stays there.

I have been dating like crazy, may be ready to settle down soon. Who knows. I'm enjoying the ride.

6/19/05 Offically in the century club! I'm down 101 lbs! I can't believe it. I can't wait to post on the board.

6/8/05 Well, on my scale, down 93lb. I really can't believe it. I can't wait to be in the century club. I now weigh less than I did in 10th grade. Today I barfed up some roast beef. Bleah. I ate too fast.

I can't imagine getting down to 250....Only 28 lbs to go! People keep calling me skinny at work, and today the COO said I look like a model. Gosh, it really made my day!

5/11/05 I had my 2nd post-op visit today. It was so nice to see the surgeon and other staff members...I am down 71lbs by their scale, 75 on mine when nekkid! I am doing very well with the food, and only got sick a few times. Nothing major. Today I wore a pair of pants that were way too big. I looked so stupid. Made me want to go on a shopping spree, but I curbed my shopping appetite.

I asked the surgeon what my goal should be...and it's 180. So I have 115 lbs to go:) It seems so much more manageable now. I know I can do this.

I was also concerned b/c I don't eat snacks, and doc said it was ok.

4/26/05 Well, I'm a little over two months post-op and I'm down 63 lbs! I feel great, and everyone else at work is starting to notice:)

3/20/05 I figure I should give a more thorough explanation of how things have been...because it is the profiles of other people that got me through this surgery.

The day of the surgery was so strange. The night before I didn't know what to expect...the day of the surgery I went up to the nurses' station, and I was sent to my room. I was placed into a private room to put on a robe and lay in bed. I started to relax, and a nurse came in to start my IV.

I couldn't believe that I got a private room, what a blessing! Then I was wheeled down to the OR in my bed...I was told during preop that my airway was small, and I had to be intubated while awake, so I was scared. They gave me a lanacaid nebulizer, which was ok.

So, I eventually went into the OR and then woke up on the other side. I asked if I had the surgery. The nurses said yes. Then I asked if I had lap, and they said yes. What a feeling of relief.

The time in the hospital was good. I didn't feel pain, except from the nasal gastric tube. Once I had the 2nd leak test and it was negative, it came out and all was well. The worst part was not being able to sleep.

I was walking up and down the hallways on the third day, and was dismissed on day 4. That is when the drain came out, which was the strangest feeling.

So far I have lost 32 lbs. 190 to go...

3/17/05 I am almost 1 month post op, and honestly, I feel like I didn't even have surgery. This is amazing.

Well, I'm 2 days away from surgery. I am trying to think positive. I am scared, I admit it. I'm afraid of going under and dying.

My pap smear was neg. All tests were good.

I have a fatty liver, which made me nervous for 12 hours, but I survived.

I'm suprised at how supportive everyone is at work. I thought people would make fun of me. Now I realize that my fears were me feeling like a failure. However, this is not the easy way out. I made a very difficult decision.

I went to my first support group meeting, and that made me feel much better. I met with people who had my surgeon....who I feel is excellent. Reading posts on the obesity site scares me, but talking to people who had the same surgeon made me feel much better.

I feel like I can't stop eating though, which is scaring me. I don't want to be told that I can't have the surgery b/c I gained a lot of weight. I am meeting with the nutritionist this week, so I will tell her my concerns.

Well I haven't updated in a while and so much has happened. I have completed all the required testing from my Dr's office. Echocardiogram, pulmonary fcn test, venous study, pap smear.....

I have been getting B-12 shots three times a week. A friend of mine is a doctor, which makes it a lot easier. She wants me to be strong and healthy for the surgery.

The only test result I am nervous about is the pap smear, b/c I have had an irregular one in the past. That could screw everything up.

My boss is being really supportive...I hope HR doesn't give me a hard time about taking time off.

I was approved for the surgery by Oxford, on 1/12/05 after the first letter and not even sending in follow up info or anything.

I'm starting to get a little scared....now that this is a reality.

I rec'd a call from my surgeon's office. I have a vitamin B-12 deficiency...which I think is from the Glucophage. I must call my endocrinologist, and I have been receiving shots from Dr. I, who wrote my psych report yesterday.

Today I had my EKG, which appeared to be normal.
I am scrambling to make all my appointments for all of my testing. I have to get it all completed by January 23rd, and I'm nervous that I won't get it done in time.

My insurance is Oxford, and I am really hoping that I am approved w/o a hitch. I haven't seen much on here about Oxford, so hopefully it will go through ok. Thursday is my Echocardiogram and Jan 5 is my gyn appt and venous study. Thankfully everything so far has been free or for my copay.

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