Apr 16, 2008

March 28 2008-I was at 238lbs. Now not even 1 month later I am back down to 230. I WILL NOT LET THIS BEAT ME!!!!!!!!!

Update on Vitamins, Weight loss and support

Apr 03, 2008

Well it's now April 3rd 2008. I have had some new things come up recently. I have been really frustrated by me gaining some weight back. But I felt so tired, NOT wanting to do anything really. No desire to get up and exercise or anything.

So when I went to my Dr. 2 weeks ago I told her and she said she wanted to run some tests for me, just to see if I was deficient in anything and also check my thyroid.


Well results came back, my thyroid is fine.

BUT normal levels for vitamin D is 20-100 and my level was 9.

Normal levels for B12 is 200-1100 and mine was 169.

So she said that was probably the cause of my fatigue. So she prescribed me 50,000IU Vit-D to take 2 times a week and 1,000IU OTC everyday.

Then I was getting B12 shots every 6 months at Duke, she wants me to get one every month.

Now after 12 weeks I go back for more lab tests to see. I came to the conclusion, THIS IS NOT GOING to beat me. So I made up my mind, I will eat better, drink more water, keep away from so many carbs, and work out more. I have come to far to let this beat me. I have a wedding in a year, I want to TRY and look beautiful in my wedding dress. 

Good news is I have already lost 4lbs this week alone. I have worked out at the gym, walked 2 miles on the treadmill and will try my best to continue to do so. I have the support from Darrell, my family and all my wonderful friends (YOU)

I will keep you all informed and thank you all, I love you!!!

Gaining weight, DRIVING ME NUTS!!

Mar 25, 2008

I am not even sure what else to say now. Since my tummy tuck in April 2007, I have gained 36.5lbs BACK I weigh the same as I did when I was almost 4 months post op. I just don’t know what to say. I am sooooooo sad that I can’t lose anymore. I am hungry all the time. I eat in the middle of the night. I have no energy and its not getting any better. Duke (Patrick, Hillary, the psycs can’t help me).


I am getting married April 4 2009 and I GOTTA LOSE THIS to fit into my wedding dress!!!!!!!

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Update on Vitamins, Weight loss and support
Gaining weight, DRIVING ME NUTS!!