I’m back and need help plz

Aug 07, 2019

hello everyone so I have gain a lot of my weight back and I need help to lose it again plz help 

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my 4th day

Aug 27, 2013

Well trying to get back on track is very hard. I started the meds my dr gave me and then my walking I also have been watching my intake next week im gonna try to do my liquid diet to see cuz ive been able to munch on thing like before and I need not to..

weight gain

Aug 24, 2013

Wow its been like a few years sense ive been on..I want to let my friends know that I had a baby girl in 2010 and ive gained some of my weight back..im so upset with myself cuz everything ive gonr thur to lose the weigyt I ended up gain it some wat back. I lost my dr cuz he disappeared with out any notice but I have managed to find a new dr and he is helping my get back on track again... anyone one here that can help me to im down for it I really need to get back to my old self ...


Oct 27, 2009

hello my OH friends just wanted to let ya know that i did good @ the dr's but as soon as i came home i ended up opening one of my insisions and i was pissed cause i felt like my mother -inlaw didnt give a shit that because i was there to help her with the baby so she can clean i ended up hurting myself... so i get to the dr's and he was like u can only carry 10 lbs.. and the baby weighs 18 so i was 8 lbs over lol... well i didnt have to get it stiched up thank god... he put this stick stuff and put a bandaid on it and called it a day... he told me to take it easy so i did thats y i haven't posted any up dates.. I did start working out again yesterday and this is wat I did ... 5 mins warm ups ,45 mins. on the treadmill , i also did 35 mins of upper body work out and 5 mins cool down  a total of 90 mins.. I felt so sore that i ended up in bed early.. I did the same work out today .. I can tell u one thing that today i have taken in a total of 88 oz of water... omg i have never did that before and im proud cause i always have issues taking in 64 oz a day but now i know i can do it and some .....

I wanted to let ya know that my dr's state that i have to have back surgery but workers comp said no to the surgery so know i have to go to court to see if i can get it approved cause my friend s my back be hurting all the time I used to be able to jog on my treadmill and now i can only go @ a speed of 2 and that sucks .. I also have to have my boyfriend in the room by me just in case my legs give out.. I have to do my upper body work out sitting w/ 5 lbs weights the most i was able to do it w/  @ least 10 to 15 lbs weights .. these people @ workers comp think i want to be like this all  my life well i dont i want to get my life back so i can be able to do bigger and better things... before my accident i was able to play around w/ my kids now i try to and they r so afraid that im gonna be hurtting after that they be like thats ok mommy we dont want u to hurt ur self.... yesterday my kids were outside and my sons friend stuff got stolen so i went to go help look for it and my son was like thats ok we can do u go rest ur back.. i hate the fact that they r always worried about me hurting my back or being in pain ..well my friend i will let u guys know more tomorrow cause im gonna go take my back meds and the rest of my meds before i go to bed..........GOOD NIGHT MY FRIENDS 

Day 3

Oct 21, 2009

hello my OH friends well I'm on day 3 of updating ya and of my workout sense surgery...I woke up today @ 6 am to get my daughter ready for school.. picture day lol....I started to do house work then while she got ready , took her to the bus stop came in woke my son up made him breakfast and continued to clean , took him to school came back and woke hubby up made him breakfast made me a shake and the started my work out.. i decided to do it early then @ night time but still gonna get in like 30 mins on the treadmill again....so here goes my log in..on my food and exercise program....

Breakfast: 11oz Carnation breakfast shake no sugar added..
16 oz water (1hr. later)

Lunch: 1/2 a chicken sandwich from
16 oz water (1hr. later)

Dinner: 1/4 cup mash potatoes
6oz pork chops
1/2 cup corn
16 oz water  (1hr. later)

snack: 3 tablespoon Almonds
16 oz water (1hr. later)

speed: 3.0
calories burned: 242
distance: 1.85 miles
       Total Time: 45 mins
1. Curls: 2 sets of 20
2. Conc. Curls: 2 sets of 20
3. Hammer Curls: 2 sets of 20
4. Front Raises: 2 sets of 20
5. Lateral Raises: 2 sets of 20
6. Chest Flies: 2 sets of 20
7. Dumbbell Presses: 2 sets of 20
8. Dumbbell Shrugs: 2 sets of 20
9. Triceps Kickbacks: 2 sets of 20
10. One-arm Triceps Extention: 2 sets of 20
11. Push-ups: 2 sets of 20
12. Crunches: 2 sets of 20
         Total time: 30 mins
Cooling Time: 5 mins
my Total work out time was for 1 hour..gonna try and get in another 20 mins on the treadmill but still deciding cause my legs r hurting me and i don't want to push my self cause of my back... So my friend that Wat i did today .. Tomorrow i go to the Dr. to get my staples out i cant wait cause they r bothering me like crazy.. lol and then home to do my routine of cleaning.. I have a question to put out there  why is it that u clean Ur house everyday and its always the same o thing? u would think that I have to Lil ones running around the house but they r in school all day and come home by 4 pm. and there starts the messing up and then u tell them to clean up after themselves and they swear they do but not to Ur likings i hate that i get so tired sometimes but if I don't do it no one will.... well my friends gonna end this here i will let ya know Wat happens and my workout.. TTYL my friends..


Day 2

Oct 20, 2009

hello OH friends well today i did manage to do a lil more workout then yesterday.. here goes wat i did and ate today...


11oz breakfast carnation no sugar added
16oz water


mini turkey sub ( lett. tom. mayo prov cheese onions)
sunchips chedder
16oz water ( 1hr later)


1/4 cup mashpotatoes ( lite mayo, boiled eggs, butter)
4oz porkchopps center cut
16oz water ( 1 hr later)


3 tble almonds
strawberry yogurt (fiber one)
8oz Smooth Move organic Tea

workout for the day was

Treadmill: 45 mins
speed : 2.5 (only cause of my back)
calories: 188
Distance: 1.44 miles

upperbody workout

Curls: 1 set of 20
Concentration Curls: 1 set of 20
Hammer Curls: 1 set of 20
Dumbbell Press: 1 set of 20
Dumbbell Triceps: 1 set of 20
Dumbbell Shrugs: 1 set of 20
Triceps Kickbacks: 1 set of 20
Front Raises: 1 set of 20
lateral Raises: 1 set of 20
Chest Flies: 1 set of 20
16 oz Water.

I hope by next week I'll do 2 sets of 20 baby steps baby steps lol...okay I told ya yesterday that i will be doing my measurements today well here they r ...

weight: 153lbs.
Neck: 13
Arms: right 11  left 11
Chest: 35
Waist: 36
Thighs: right 21 left 21
I didn't lose much in my measurements but remember I just had surgery so i'm still bloated so maybe next week i'll do my measurements next week again and see..
so my friends Im off to bed just wanted to let ya know how I did today more tommorw.. nite


day 1 back to working out

Oct 19, 2009

hello my friends here it goes back to working out.........................


8 oz carnation breakfast shake

16 oz water


1/2 can spaghetti and meatballs

16oz water


1/2 cup cheerios

16 oz water

Dinner :

4 oz chicken breast
1/2 tsp. Italian dressing

1/2 cup brown rice

1/4 cup  corn

1/4 cup applesauce

16 oz water

total fluids i took in today is 64 oz water + 8 oz Carnation shake ...

I did 30 mins on the treadmill the highest speed was 3.0

my measurements first week ( 10-06-09)  :

Biceps's: R 11 L 11
Thighs : R 21 L 21
Chest  : 35.5
Waist  : 36
weight : 163 LBS (10-06-09)
as of last week my weight is 154 LBS.(10-13-09)    

I will do my measurements every 2 weeks so tomorrow will be  my 2ND week so ill do them..  I will keep everyone posted . Im not able to do my whole work out due to having my gallbladder out so i'm just gonna do the treadmill till im cleared to do my whole work out... u will c when that is... well my friends i will ttyl.. i promise to keep ya posted on how i'm doing  i have to get back down to 140 or less by November 26 2009...thats when the bet is done... i know i can do i just have to keep a straight mind

hi oh friends

Oct 17, 2009

hello my friends its been a long time sense ive written 2 update everyone.. well i had my gallbladder taken out on Oct 14 2009 and as of today I'm still in pain.. i have been throwing up and getting sick all the time and i ended up in the hospital for like a week last month and it turned out to be that my gallbladder stopped working.. so the Dr's decided to go and take it out .let just pray to the lord above that i stop w/ the pain and throwing up...well i started to work out a lil cause remember that i was told i couldn't cause of my back .. but i gained like 20lbs so i was like forget this i didn't do this to gain the weight back.. so its been almost 2 weeks sense i started and ive lost like 10 lbs already... i have a goal to get down to 145 lbs by November 26 2009 and this week I'm @ a stand still cause of my surgery.... OK my friends ill write some more tomorrow if not ill keep ya posted on how things r going OK ttyl........


Jul 16, 2009

hello my OH friends ... wow its been a while sense my last post .. I can not believe its been that long .. so lets me start b saying that i have gained some eigh back and its not because of me messing up its because i was put on bed rest cause of my back.. i found out that thelast disc in my back is messed up it slipps out aand causes me to have extream pain..so now theyhave to do surgery on my back to support it but thy also say that they have to do disc replacements but i'm not sure i'm scared as it is to do the back support... so enough about that i started to go walking lil by lil... I even asked my dr if i can go bike riding and he said yes but i had to be careful ... so i did and i lost a few lbs... so now i am determind to los my weight again..i have about 20 lbs. to lose so wish me luck my friends.. my 2year anns. i coming up next mntha nd i hope to be 135 by aug.27... well my friend gonna ed this here off to bed cause i hav to get up early..

update 3

Jan 22, 2009

well hello my OH family.. well 2day was a long day. i wake up @ 7 took my daughter 2 her bus stop came back in and got on the treadmill.. yes my friends u heard me or should i say u read right ... I got on the treadmill this morning instead of this evening..lol. well ya know i have my back problems well now i'm paying the price of walking 2 miles on the treadmill 2day... I was on for about 40 mins and out of that 40 mins I ran for like 13mins on and off.... I go c my sergent in a few weeks and I can't wait cause I have so much saggy sick on my tummy area that I can't stand... I wash under my tummy every time i use the bathroom cause i've broke out w/ a rash that hurts like hell... my bellbutten is the same way.... They say that ur insurance will pay for a tummy tuck on if its medical ... which in my case i believe this is medical...lol..... well i did manage 2 get in 2 meals 2day... i skiped lunch cause i had a late breakfast.. i know shame on me.............  well here go my notes for 2day...

Workout @ 7:30 am

treadmill 40 mins  ( ran 13 mins out of that 40)
2 miles
262 calories


1 fried egg ( made w/ spray butter)
2 slices of toast
1 slice of cheese

16 oz decaff coffee w/ creamer (1hr after of course)


32oz water


1 cup of chicken stew  ( chicken breast cut into cubes, potatoes, carrots, colliflower, green peas and 1 tbls tomato paste for color lol)

I didn't eat the rice i made for the rest of the family cause for some reason the rice gives me pain... i know we shouldn't b eatting white rice but my family doesn't like the brown  rice .. i do know that when i go shopping next month I will be buying me some steamers brown rice 4 me ... maybe that will help....  i try my best to cook healthyer now i did when i had the surgery but i've been slaking and I just can't afford to gain  my weight again cause I know that even w/ WLS u can still gain ur weight again.... Thats not for me i've managed this far and i will not stop now....well my OH family I'm gonna end this hee gonna go and relax my back cause its killing me ttyl...

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