Hi My name is Angela.   I was born in 1966 to a very large family of 8 children. We always had to fight for the food. If we didn't get there for dinner it was gone. haha... Anyway, I have struggled with my weight my whole life.  I have never been as small as the other girls in school, at jobs or on the street. I have always played the fat chick game of making fun of myself before others can make fun of me or laughing at jokes about fat people and saying yeah thats what my life is like and acting like it didn't bother me. Well guess what all you fat joke people.. IT DID!!! So here I go.. I got the band in 2003 and FAILED.. Dieted and FAILED... Stopped dieting and FAILED.. All I have ever done is falled when it came to losing weight.  Now here I am again.. Gastric Bypass and already I'm down and on the losing side.. So far its been good. I have had no issues and believe its the best step I ever took for myself.  

7/2017 ~ I have gained about 30lbs and have now started a low carb high fat plan.  I started last Monday and have already lost 3 lbs.  I was hoping for at least 2 lbs a week, so 3 is nice.  I will weigh in tomrrow for my first weigh in.  We shall see. 

To see my journey through Gastric Banding you can go to the following address. http://transformed2002.tripod.com

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Daughter's Wedding day.. I can't believe I let myself get like this....
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