Pre-Op just a lot of feelings

Mar 22, 2010

I  have a couple of days before my surgery and starting to get cold feet.  There is alot of different opinions on the lap band sugery and reading all the complications and what can go wrong makes me more scared than exited.  There are also many inspirational stories that motivate me- thank you!  I just have to keep in mind that I need this in order to feel better and get off all that poison (medicine) which is making me feel worse.  Since I've been on the blood pressure medicaiton I put on extra 7 pounds, and my legs swell really bad.  I have asthma as well- I want to be able to walk up the stairs without feeling I'm going to pass out. Oh there is just so many things that I would like to do... I know it's a slow process which is fine with me.  I can:t wait to start shoping at a normal store.  

My preop diet isn't going that great-basically I can't do 4 shakes and 1 meal/per day- instead I do 2 shakes and a couple of meals.  I try to stay away from carbs which has been going pretty well.  I've been eating tomatoes w/ spinach leaves and rotiserre chicken almost everyday.  I will try to keep posting.  I don't know what to expect but I'm sure it'll be good. 


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