1st Fill

May 06, 2010

Yesturday I went in for my first fill.  It was nothing!! The doctor was great ...the whole procedure took maybe 2 minutes.  He told me everything that he was doing as he was doing it.  Which was: he gave me a shot to numb the area of the port ( which felt like a pinch: very fast) and then he placed the other needle with the fill and dug around slightly to find the port, checked to see how mch fluid I had and then injected the fill of little over 1 cc.  So, now I have a total of 3 cc's.  I have to be on all liquids for the next 24 hours, which I'm not too happy about because it doesn't fll me up.  But it's ok...I feel fine afterwards.  The only thing is is that I'm still having problems eating chicken for some reason.  Oh yes and I almost forgot to mention that when I stepped on the scale at the office I lost another 10 lbs.  That got me excited!!


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