Pre-Op Appointment Melodrama

Aug 10, 2006

Today I went down to San Diego for my pre-op appointments. It was a very emotional day because my husband was supposed to go with me but he didn't. I told him that we would have to leave our house no later than 9:00 a.m. to make it on time for the first appointment at 11:45. By 9:20 he hadn't come home yet so I left without him. At 9:35 he called me on my cell phone and said he was home but wanted to know where I was. I told him that I had waited until 9:20 and then had to leave. He was very angry because he had changed his whole schedule around to be able to come with me. But I know that he is against the surgery and thought that maybe he was doing this to sabotage me.

In any event, the appointments went well and it looks like I am a very healthy morbidly obese person. They said that I would be scheduled for my surgery in a couple of days after the transcripts came back and were reviewed, and that probably my surgery date would be about three weeks from now. That puts me having surgery the beginning of September. I am so excited but nervous also.

I've decided to have the surgery!

Jul 27, 2006

Well, today was the last day of my class and I have decided to go ahead and have the surgery. My husband is somewhat against it because he thinks that I will start overeating again and have messed up insides. I feel a great deal of tension between the two of us and wish it didn't have to be this way. In spite of his objections, I am planning on going ahead with the surgery. I just hope I don't lose my husband in the deal. Please pray for us.

Also -- I just wanted to say that I am sad that my 24-week class ended. In the beginning I felt it was a total waste of time because I had done Optifast several years ago through Kaiser and the curriculum was almost identical. I wanted to "test out" of the class but they wouldn't let me. I realize now that the point I was supposed to get out of the class are that I am not alone in my struggle. I also made some great friends in my class who will be there to support me and me to support them in our journey. Thank God they wouldn't let me out of taking the classes. Sometimes God does for you what you cannot do for yourself!

Is weight loss surgery for me?

Jan 15, 2006

I have recently began thinking about having weight loss surgery after several doctors suggested it to me. Bariatric surgery was something I told myself I would "NEVER" do, but I guess that's why you should never say never. It is especially hard for me to have a perfectly good stomach, created miraculously by God, operated on in order to lose weight. But just last night my husband reminded me of what Jesus said in his sermon on the mount:

"And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell."

By no means am I implying that compulsive overeating is a sin, although some "normal eaters" are all too happy to classify us as gluttons. However, I do believe that I would be of better use to God without my food obsession. How awesome it would be to help others and do His will without the distractions of constant fantasies of what I would like to eat next.

For now, I am keeping an open mind as I take the 24-week course that my HMO requires before having the surgery. I still haven't made up my mind entirely, but if I do have the surgery I will consider it a gift from God and honor it as such. God bless us all as we continue on our journey.

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