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"My first impression of Dr. Zorn was that he was intelligent, articulate and genuinely cared about his patients. Over time, my first impression has turned out to be right on the mark. My husband was very nervous about me having the surgery, but once he met Dr. Zorn, his fears were put at rest. My husband's biggest fear was that Dr. Zorn was a \"Fat Doctor,\" specifically a wheeler-dealer whose only interest was to make money off fat people. Dr. Zorn is completely opposite of this, as he truly seems to have a passion for improving the quality of life for the morbidly obese.rnrnIn addition, Dr. Zorn spends a great deal of time with his patients, acting as if who ever he is seeing is currently his only patient assigned. Post surgery I had problems with keeping protein down, called the office asking for help, and Dr. Zorn himself actually returned the call. Dr. Zorn also travels each month to various cities in Southern California for check-up appointments for his patients so they don't have to travel down to his home base of San Diego. I am truly amazed that such a skilled and in-demand surgeon makes himself so available to his patients."
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