WOW of a Lifetime!!!

Mar 07, 2009

I am in total and utter shock!!  I went to Myrtle Beach with a friend today - we went shopping. I decided to go to the Old Navy Outlet to try on some jeans.  Just for the heck of it. 

I was going to grab an 8 to try on, and my friend said, "Take a 6 and a 4. And if you need a bigger one I'll go get it."  So I decided to try on the 4's...and would you believe they FIT ME!!  I had to go show her of course...and the girls working said they look really said "She fits in her 4's better than I do in mine." 

So here I am...wearing a pair of Old Navy size 4 total shock and amazement that I could ever be this small...and I'm not even to goal yet, AND I still have all this extra skin!!

Alright! Thanks for listening...I'm just so thrilled and had to share...gonna get pictures tomorrow for my one year pics and to show off the fours!!


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