After reading an article about weight-loss surgery curing Type-2 diabetes, I knew this was the time for me to spend some quality time researching.  My endocrinologist approved of me having the surgery and referred me to Dr Tyner.  I went through the steps to get approved for surgery - 3-month doctor supervised weight management, tests, blood work, sleep-apnea test, psych evaluation, cardiologist, etc and I was approved.

I started my journey in April 2012 at 278lbs.  RNY Surgery was September 11, 2012 and I was about 256lbs.  I'm writing this on August 6, 2013 and I'm currently 159lbs and dropping slowly at this point.  I'm more then happy with the results and have had little issues.

My main problem was constipation.  I tried and did just about everything and things have gotten normal over the past couple of months.  I can't eat sweets, no cakes, candy, pasta, bread for me!  do I feel deprived of food?  no WAY!  I feel that I have a huge range of foods that I can eat and they are all good foods and good-for-you foods.  I spend a little more on the quality, but the quantity is smaller, so we are saving on the food bills.  Going out to eat is great because I always have lunch (at least) the next day.

I was interviewed by the hospital where I had my surgery.  I was a little apprehensive to talk about my experience and have it published in a local newspaper, but I decided that since I read an article that changed my life, I hope that my article would do the same for someone else! 

I would never change my decision to have surgery, and while others might think that I took the easy way out, I can assure you, this was not easy, but I made the decision to make sure I was happy for the at least the second half of my life!  I tried Jenny Craig, the gym, medication and while they all worked at the time, the minute I stopped and went back to my regular routine, the weight came back on and then some.  now with this tool - and yes, it is a tool to make sure I do the right thing - I made the decision to be a healthier me, and in turn, I'm also a happier me.

This surgery is a personal decision, a decision you make for yourself - not your husband, kids, parents or the dog.  Make the decision that will make you happy and everything else will fall into place.

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