Michael Tyner

"He is very to the point, but does an amazing job of giving you easy to understand information about what to expect, what I will feel and was very caring after surgery. He had walked in to check on me the day after surgery and I was having a very bad, painful morning and he was very kind and had the nurses do something differently and even emptied out my drain bulb! I would have never expected a doctor to do something like that. I am so glad that I put myself in his very capable hands."

Rex Bariatric Specialists

"I spent 2 nights and 2 days in Rex Hospital and I had the most amazing nurses! The were always smiling, always helpful, caring, sympathetic and around to help. My room was private and had a ton of space. The bed wasn't the most comfortable, but it was sufficient. They were basically our "cheering section" and always were so positive when we were out walking around and complimenting me on doing a good job, having good color in my cheeks. I couldn't have gotten a better team to help me and I am so grateful for them!"
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