Belated Bandiversary

May 13, 2009

Hi...I'm a little late writing but wanted to give an update.  Last Tuesday, I had to take a trip to Cincy for a .5 unfill.  I had sinusitis and the nasal drainage irritated my stomach causing me to swell. NP Lisa did a fluro before and we watched the contrast fluid hit the band and ricochet a little dance upward.  No wonder I was having problems. I also went to see my PCP.  I hadn't seen him for almost a yr.  So strange after seeing him so often during my 6 mth supervised diet. I felt so miserable yet he made me feel great.  It was so nice hearing how great I was doing. I am sure you know what I mean.  I hear compliments pretty often, but his was the OMG WOW kind. He ran my labs and called back on Monday and said  I was borderline low on iron, Vitamin D and folic acid...everything else was great. 
It has been such a crazy yr.  I've learned and experienced so much.  Had those thrilling moments of getting into size 14's, easily polishing my toe nails, crossing my legs, riding roller coasters, sitting comfortably in theater seats, etc.  The list could go on and on and on.  I have been able to hold off getting my knee replacement and I have been able to take care of my Mom for the last 6 mths.  I know there is no way I could have done it if I hadn't lost the weight.  I truly believe God knew what was coming my way and this was all part of his plan. Of course..I would have loved it if I could have lost more.  But I know there have been obstacles.  I can't go to the gym regularly while watching Mom but I also know I could have eaten better at times.  I am still slowly losing and feel so blessed at this time.  No regrets for me.  I am too excited thinking of all the new possibilities & experiences that are waiting for me during this coming yr.  First thing to look forward to..My niece is getting married on the beach in Myrtle Beach mid I hope to shed a few more pounds. Nothing like the beach to motivate me.
     What a great way to wrap up my yr....I attended Dr C's Red Carpet Event (Big Band Bash) last Friday.  It was so nice to see Dr C & his staff having fun out of the office.  Everything was, entertainment, door prizes but mostly seeing all the people enjoying themselves.  They really succeeded in making it a special evening for us.  My friend and I sat with Ohiogirl2009 and her cousin.  We had a wonderful time & took a few pics.. so I will post them to my profile as my "One yr" Pic.

Apparently I am doing better than I thought!

Mar 27, 2009

Today was my Dr appt.  I saw Erin the NP and Elaine the Dietitian.  It seems the last few times I have been beating myself up..I will lose in the week or so after my fill then immediately start gaining it back only to have to lose it again.  This has drove me crazy.  I did so good for so long..thus I am constantly trying to figure out what I am doing wrong.  Last time I thought it was because I ate too many soft proteins thus if I put my empasis on solids, I would be ok.  Within 10 days I went from 201 to 191.8 then gradually I found myself back up to 201-202.  ughhh!  Again!!  So I have been concentrating on lowering my carbs.  This worked for me because within the last couple wks, I have went back down and today I was at 192.5 (this morning...getting into the shower..for 2 seconds...I saw 189.6...I can't wait to see that fully clothed!)  I discussed this all with Erin & Elaine.  They think I am doing better than I think...but in lowering my carbs...I am not eating enough calories..thus I need to work on balancing it all.  BUT...their goal is for their patients to lose at least 75% of their excess weight...that would be 183.5 pounds. is only natural for my loss to be slow at this point.  I guess 147 is the "ideal" wt yet it doesn't take into account any muscle built, nor a larger frame, or excess skin etc.  So..anywhere between 147 and 183.5 would be good.  I am still thinking I will know when I get there.  They suggested I make my next appt in Evendale (Cinci) since my Bandiversary is May they can do a fluro and check my blood levels in approx 2 mths. 

Hoping I am permanently in Onederland!

Jan 12, 2009

Well...I have not done as well as I hoped I would do over the last couple months.  I wasn't even close to my 195 goal.  I was 208.5 on 11/14 and my weight has yoyo'd since then.  I was down to 202 when I went to a conference the first wk of Dec.  I was apprehensive on how that would go & extremely happy on my return when the scales showed 198. Before I knew it I was 210.   I noted I was holding water (ankles & feet swollen) thus started drinking more water and on Monday after Christmas I was back down to 199 after getting a 24 hr flu. THEN back up to 207-208 after New Years Day.  I made myself sit back & check what I was doing differently.  I noted that I hadn't exercised much between 9/13 and 11/14.  I made that a priority after my last appt, purchased the recumbent bike I had been looking fwd to buying.  Since it's purchase, I ride it everyday for at least 15 min in the morning and then had been riding it an add'l 30-40 min 4 times a wk along with working out with my weights/band.  So I had been good on that front. BUT...I noted that I have been eating quite a few soft protein items, thus I would be hungry quicker/eat more sooner.  I also was guilty of indulging in a few candies/cookies & even a small piece of pie on Thanksgiving & Christmas. Another thing I noted.. I had never been one to eat refried beans & I made a "to die for" dip for a small get together & when there was some left, I ate a dish of it for lunch & dinner for a couple days.  I counted the protein but neglected to count it as carbs as well.  Soo...I adjusted my eating.  Ate mostly solid proteins, watched my carbs closely and by Friday's  (1/9) appt, I was back down to 201.  How I would have liked to have been below 200. How I hate that I feel like I lost the same 7-10 lbs 3 times!  I discussed my behavior with Erin/Nut & some with Dr Curry and feel good that I am now finally back on the right track with both food & exercise.  Since Fri (now Mon), I was on liquids 24hrs, mushies /soft 24 hrs & since have been eating correctly.  This morning with heavy jeans on I weighed 198.6 thus I am hopefull that I am permanently in Onederland!  We scheduled my next appt for 3/27 (11 wks) and I am hoping to be in the 180's by that appt.  Wish me luck!

6 Months Report

Nov 14, 2008

I can't believe it has already been 6 mths.  I am very happy with the results so far...yet I can't help but wonder how much better I would have done if things were different the last couple months.  I brought my Mom home from the nursing home on Oct 20th and now am her primary care giver as she needs 24hr assistance. She is attending adult day care while I work. So many changes.. I am unable to go to the YMCA for workouts/water aerobics.  My mustang was not made for a wheel chair, thus I am getting plenty of heavy lifting, and am unable to get proper cardio at home because of my knees.  I plan to purchase a recumbent bike because this is still a priority of mine.  Yet so is my Mom...and I don't regret bringing her home for a second.  She is doing so much better at home.  So now I am finding a way to make it all work and I know it can. 
At my appt this morning, I lost 4 more pounds (208.5) and received a .4cc fill (5.0cc total).  I am starting to lose inches again, so overall I am happy as things are still moving in the right direction.  Dr C & Erin both stressed that I need to up the exercise..and I will.  So my next appt is Jan 9th. My goal is to be 195 by that appt.

What a month!

Oct 10, 2008

I have had a very stressful month.  My Mom, who lives with me, has circulation problems and dementia, was in the hospital for 12 days and had her leg amputated below the knee.  3 anesthesias, pain meds & change in her environment on top of the pain she endured caused her to become more confused and agitated. We opted to sit with her around the clock so she wouldn't need to be restrained. She then was placed in the Skilled Unit of a nursing home where her incision became infected.  This caused us to be even more hands on involving her care (it was always unwrapped when we arrived & took over an hr to get it wrapped when we requested it.)  We are now trying to get her approved for Medicaid & the PASSPORT program (Adult Day Care) so we can bring her home.  She now is only confused & can maneuver well, so we think this is what is best for her. 
During all my running, I reverted back to my old habits.  I was never the overeater.  I was the type that ate once or twice a day, whatever was convenient and as we all know, convenience foods are not usually our healthiest choices.  I had my appt at Dr C's office on Monday.  Luckily I lost 4.8 lbs (212.2) even though it was without eating right or exercising.  I am now making an effort to get back to the band basics.  We decided I didn't need a fill and my next appt is at their new Columbus satellite office on Nov 14th.  I am truly stoked because when I started researching the band (7/31/07), I weighed I have lost over 100 pounds!!!!

Vacation and my Band

Sep 08, 2008

I had a couple "episodes" on vacation and ended up calling Dr C's office.  After answering a few questions, they recommended I come in for a partial unfill.  So we detoured our route home through Cinci, they took out .5cc's & did a quick fluro to make sure all was ok.  (A perfect example of how great his practice is.) Since then I am doing great and still have restriction.  My episodes were neither painful nor did I feel "sick".  I was just moreso very uncomfortable.  I see this as a small bump/glitch, not a complication.  
Vacation was nice.  Hanna stayed at sea until after we left.  We had a few sunny days by the water, went to a show, did a little shopping...all in all...a nice little getaway...and hey...I lost a couple more pounds (217). 

3rd Fill and update

Aug 29, 2008

This morning was my appt for my 3rd fill.  I explained my eating is somewhat sporatic.  There are times I can eat a cup easily and will stop myself and other times I will be satisfied with 12-24 almonds or a 1/4 of a piece of chicken breast. .   Duane (NP) thought we should go with 1cc this time (total of 5.1cc).  I was a little concerned because I am leaving on vacation tomorrow thus wouldn't want to be too full.  He had me drink water to make sure I was ok and explained I may still get more restriction in the next week or two.  I love that my fills are so quick & easy..possibly due to where my port is placed..I am a baby when it comes to needles so I am happy there is no need to dig around.  I lost an add'l 6 lbs (219) since my last fill (5 wks ago).  Of course I would have loved to have lost more but know I am doing well.  My next appt is Oct 6th. I had a 30lb goal in the Labor Day far i am down 26...would love to lose the additional 4 lbs before Tuesday! 

I am actually excited about going on vacation this year.  The weather forecast looks nice.  I am looking forward to not only sleeping in and relaxing in the sun but also because I have so much more energy this year.  I also think it is because I have always hated wearing a swimsuit in public..and it will be so much nicer wearing a size 18 (26). Can anyone relate?  I just can't fathom how far I have come not to mention think about where I'll be next yr.  This is fun!

2nd Fill & Update

Jul 28, 2008

I have had an exciting couple of weeks.  I went to a yearly convention where I was constantly being complemented & encouraged regarding my weight loss.  There were even a couple people who did not recognize me.  What a great feeling! 

My clothes continue to get larger.  About my old clothes.. Originally I was going to put them on ebay but dreaded the time involved not alone the ebay & paypal fees.  I easily had over 300 items (possibly over 400)..I decided to have a yard sale on 7/19, price them low & advertise on Craigslist. There were many who came..they called friends & had them come..some returned later in the day. One lady wrote later in the week & asked if she could return & look/purchase add'l items. I made over $340.  Then I took my remaining 3 racks of clothes to my sister's MIL's yard sale this past Saturday & I made an add'l $120. I was then able to purchase some add'l smaller clothes (including smaller swimsuits - while they were on clearance- as I know I will need them for water aerobics this fall/winter.) 
Friday evening I went with a friend to her HS reunion. I go every year & usually sit & talk to her husband while she makes her rounds.  This yr he did not go. Her & I spent the evening on the dance floor..which never would have happened 88 lbs ago. 

I had an appt at Dr Curry's office on Friday morning  I lost 4 lbs since my 7/1 appt and was given a .3cc fill taking me to 4.1 in my 9cc band.  This time I had Dwayne (sp?) and he was so fast, It would be easy to believe he didn't really give me a fill. Erin the dietitian was happy with my progress/diet/exercise and recommended I come back in 6 my next appt is Aug 29th. 
I am so sorry this was so long...seems my full life is getting even fuller!

Appt for 2nd Fill

Jul 02, 2008

My appt was yesterday morning and get this....I left without a fill.  Both the dietitian & NP think I may be very close if not at my sweet spot.  I am eating approx 1/2 cup of food (1 cup if I eat salad) and I am full for a couple hrs.  I am eating almonds & string cheese and then I get to the next meal.  Because I am starting to feel hunger, she recommended I make my next appt in 3 wks but I will be out of town thus made my appt for 7/25.  I also lost 12 lbs since my last fill putting me at 229 which is 84 lbs since I started on 7/31/07.  It would be great but near impossible to lose another 16 lbs so I would have lost 100 lbs in a yr...but a girl can dream.  
I also am still losing inches & have purchased smaller clothes thinking they would be for later in the summer but found I can wear them now.  I am fitting in many 18/20's and found dress at Lane Bryant in a 16...hope it is there when I go back.


Jun 09, 2008

Ok...I have been size 26/28, 28 or an occaisional 30/32 in pants for at least 10yrs.  Long enough to fill my dresser, a couple drawers of my armoire, my walk-in closet, the closet in my extra bedroom and at least 3 racks in my basement.  I can no longer wear these items. I need to make time to finish sorting them..(Kidney Foundation, Yard Sale, Friends/Family & Ebay).  This leads me to what I can wear now.  
I went shopping 3 wks ago (Avenue) & tried on size 24 capris....what...too big.  A story I have read on here before...but who would expect it to happen to me?  Yes...indeedy...I was able to purchase a pr of size 22's.  Talk about stoked.  They also had a pr of 22 brown jeans on their clearance rack$5.59)...they were about 2 inches shy of zipping.  Last wk I noticed the capri's were getting quite large on me...(O MY..only lost around 6 lbs..but am obviously losing some inches)...So I tried the jeans on..They fit great when standing. Would need to unbutton to sit.  This weekend I went back & bought a pr of size 20 capris and a couple shirts in ......18/20's.  I also went to Fashion Bug & got a 24 capri, 3 shirts (1 an 18/20), athletic pants, 24 jeans.  I had no luck at the Thrift stores...but was very happy with FB's buy one get one for $1 & getting buy one get one free at Avenue on my shirts.  Someone from my Church gave me 2 pr of denim capris (size 22 ...both fit) hopefully I am set on clothing for a little while.

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