Hoping I am permanently in Onederland!

Jan 12, 2009

Well...I have not done as well as I hoped I would do over the last couple months.  I wasn't even close to my 195 goal.  I was 208.5 on 11/14 and my weight has yoyo'd since then.  I was down to 202 when I went to a conference the first wk of Dec.  I was apprehensive on how that would go & extremely happy on my return when the scales showed 198. Before I knew it I was 210.   I noted I was holding water (ankles & feet swollen) thus started drinking more water and on Monday after Christmas I was back down to 199 after getting a 24 hr flu. THEN back up to 207-208 after New Years Day.  I made myself sit back & check what I was doing differently.  I noted that I hadn't exercised much between 9/13 and 11/14.  I made that a priority after my last appt, purchased the recumbent bike I had been looking fwd to buying.  Since it's purchase, I ride it everyday for at least 15 min in the morning and then had been riding it an add'l 30-40 min 4 times a wk along with working out with my weights/band.  So I had been good on that front. BUT...I noted that I have been eating quite a few soft protein items, thus I would be hungry quicker/eat more sooner.  I also was guilty of indulging in a few candies/cookies & even a small piece of pie on Thanksgiving & Christmas. Another thing I noted.. I had never been one to eat refried beans & I made a "to die for" dip for a small get together & when there was some left, I ate a dish of it for lunch & dinner for a couple days.  I counted the protein but neglected to count it as carbs as well.  Soo...I adjusted my eating.  Ate mostly solid proteins, watched my carbs closely and by Friday's  (1/9) appt, I was back down to 201.  How I would have liked to have been below 200. How I hate that I feel like I lost the same 7-10 lbs 3 times!  I discussed my behavior with Erin/Nut & some with Dr Curry and feel good that I am now finally back on the right track with both food & exercise.  Since Fri (now Mon), I was on liquids 24hrs, mushies /soft 24 hrs & since have been eating correctly.  This morning with heavy jeans on I weighed 198.6 thus I am hopefull that I am permanently in Onederland!  We scheduled my next appt for 3/27 (11 wks) and I am hoping to be in the 180's by that appt.  Wish me luck!


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