Jan 03, 2007

I had my last dose of Iron the Thursday before Chritmas. I was so glad to be done with that mess! They tested my blood again while I was there and it was on it's way up. I have have a final blood test this Thursday (Jan 4th) to see if I am cleared for next Thursday's surgery date of Jane 11th.  We shall see -- I'm so ready to have this done!

New Date!!

Dec 19, 2006

Had my 2nd dose of IV Iron today -- what a drag. I know I need it but it burns and my arms are black and blue because they always have a hard time finding my viens. I have my last one on Thurs- thank god!!

The good news is I have a new date!! Jan 11th. As long as my blood stays stable .......

Hematologist appt

Dec 19, 2006

Today I drove the hour and a half to see the Hematologist. He drew more blood and put me on IV iron immediatly because my iron levels were so low. My blood level had also dropped and so I did end up getting a blood transfusion as well. As if that was not enough -- I broke out in hives from the blood they gave me. That was easily fixed with IV Benadril. I was almost admitted, but they decided at the last minute to give it to me as an out patient. I have to have two more IV iron treatments and then more blood work to see if my body can keep the blood levels up on it's own. If there is no improvement after the two weeks, I will need more tests - probably a bone marrow one at that time to see if it's something more serious. Right now he thinks I am just having severe anemia because of low iron resulting from heavy and continuous menstrual periods.

My surgery for now is canceled, but he seems to think if I react well to the iron treatments that I could have it as soon as mid Jan.

Surgery date on hold!

Dec 19, 2006

Well, I went to my PCM today. He is referring me to a Hematologist. It showed among other things that I am severely anemic and actually very close to needing a blood transfusion due to low blood levels ohmy.gif .

So I have that appt on Friday (12/15) and he thinks I will probably be having a bone marrow test since some of my blood cells came back abnormal. I'm scared -- please keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming.

After such a great day yesturday ....

Dec 08, 2006

smcry.gif Well, I got a call today from my surgeons office. My blood has come back with some concerns. Apparently I'm severely anemic. My Iron count was way below normal AND my platelets are unusually high. I have to see a Hematologist asap (appt Monday) to find out what's going on. I have to be diagnosed, treated and medically cleared by him in order to have my surgery on the 28th.

I'm hoping it will just be that I need an iron pill, but the platelet count has me really concerned - I've never had anything like this come up.

I hope I can get this cleared up and I can proceed as planned but more importantly that there isn't an underlying problem going on. I'm really scared. *** reminder to self - do not do internet searches of possible reasons of blood problems until after I've seen a Doctor***. What I've found is some serious shit. Please send some prayers my way and good thoughts that all will be fine.

Pre Addmission testing!

Dec 08, 2006

I'm officially on information overload!

Well, I had my pre admission testing today. I got to the hospital about 7:15am and was greeted by 8 other people who are having GB the day of or the day after mine. I had to fast the night before and when I got there the first thing they did was draw like 8 vials of blood wacko.gif . Then it was weight, height and complete medical history. I met with the anesthesiologist and was given a breathing machine to practice with at home so that I don't develop fluid in my lungs post op. Then they gave us bagels, juice, coffee and fruit while we had the nutritional class. Then we individually met with an internist and a nurse practitioner for additional physicals and counseling. We even met with the Chaplin who helped anyone who wanted to make a living will or/and power of attorney.

After today, I feel 100% ready to change my life. I feel so at ease, it’s strange. I have been scared to death about having the surgery, but after today, I can honestly say I am completely confident I am making the right decision. The 8 people that I spent the day with were fantastic. We all chatted between being called out for various tests and at the end, we exchanged emails. We all joked that we will see each other taking our little baby steps down the halls during recovery. biggrin.gif 

So, let the waiting game begin. No more worries .... there's only excitement to see what 2007 will bring.
Only 3 more weeks!!!

It's my Birthday!

Nov 04, 2006

So, this time next year, I hope to be celebrating my 30th Birthday many, many pounds lighter with a party where I can go out and buy a cute outfit for myself and wear it with confidence.
I went back to Wal-Mart the other day and bought one of those Halloween shirts I mentioned in my last post because they were on clearance for $5. I bought a large -- OMG a large!! I can't remember the last time I could wear an XL let alone a large!
Not much else is going on. I’m just doing the waiting game. I have less then two months now and the scared feelings I was having at first are now being replaced with my excitement!  


Being real (10/14/06)

Oct 14, 2006

I just did something I haven’t done in years. I posted real, up to date pictures of myself on a web site~ this one. I hate having my picture taken, but this place is so different. I feel so comfortable here on OH- like I can really let my guard down and show what the real me looks like on the outside. When I look at them, it’s not who I feel I am on the inside. It’s almost like I’m looking at a stranger. I’m really looking forward to getting in front of the camera again instead of running from it!

On another note, I had my first WOW moment the other day in Wal-Mart. Now, I understand that wow moments are usually realized after surgery, but I had one pre-op! I saw some really cute Halloween shirts and wanted to buy one. I searched through the entire rack to find the biggest size they come in (26/28) and finally found one. I almost put it in my cart when I realized … I’m not buying this stupid shirt! I won’t be able to wear it next year because I will be a totally different size! Wow- this is really going to happen! What a difference this is going to make in my life.

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