Jumping through hoops again

Nov 04, 2022

Pre-op requirements look different when I'm working and mom'ing three small children. The first go-round I was in college. I have much less free time now.


The surgeon I picked seems very competent and knowledgeable. (Muhammed Jawad at Orlando Health). I was worried no one would consider operating because of the scar tissue I have from my former complications. He said this makes me ineligible for the sleeve but he okay'd the Bypass. My risk of complications is about 10x higher but he said my risk of death was 0. I feel less cavalier about it than I did at 20.

I am waiting for my cardiologist clearance appointment now. If no further testing is needed, my packet can be sent to insurance next week.


I know there are big adjustments in my future but I feel a lot more aware of the processes and the realities. I think the thing I will miss the most is Advil. I already couldn't take Aleve and now the reality that pain medicine is basically a no no for all of time is a little scary. 

Other than that I'm looking forward to a more active life chasing my kids. Hopefully we can get this show on the road before the end of the year.

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