Pre-op surprises

Jan 17, 2023

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday. I can tell this whole process is well thought out and they do a lot of smart things to minimize risk and ensure success.

one thing I hate is that they only use Tylenol for pain. They do a block also, but Tylenol? I think it's gonna be a miserable two weeks or so.

Even though I asked and asked and was reassured and we went through all this prep, my surgeon was looking at my Upper GI again and told me it may be impossible to do this surgery safely. Previous to yesterday he had always said it was fine he could do it, no big deal. Yesterday, he said he may get inside and decide it's too risky. He also may have to do a bigger pouch depending on where he can cut. He may remove some of the stomach. He said if my pouch is large he would shorten my intestines more to try to give me more weight loss there. 

It was not a fun surprise obviously. I told him of course I want to live first and foremost so if he gets in there and the risk is unreasonable, i get it. I know my stomach's all jankity from my previous complications. I also told him that I think even if my pouch is larger than others it may still be really helpful for me in losing weight. 

After that conversation I'm finding it hard to get excited about surgery. I'm just concerned that instead of meaningful weight loss, at the end of this finish line I'll awaken to, "hey there's nothing we can do." I'm not sure I would have picked this life (having children) if I had known that in advance.

Hopefully my surgeon pulls it off.



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